Our Inaugural CSR Report, Events, New Books and More
Our Inaugural CSR Report, Events, New Books and More

September Newsletter

New Society Publishers 2021 Year in Review and Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Letter from Our Publisher

During 2021 we faced ongoing pandemic challenges, continued global political unrest, deeper exposure of systemic racism, the eye-opening effects of climate change, and an awareness of the extensive mental health issues we are all facing. It was an unprecedented year for us all, but I’m exceptionally proud of, and humbled by, the fact that New Society Publishers and our employee-owners were able to support our author and publishing program while strengthening our commitment to social and environmental justice.

Within New Society Publishers we are deepening our understanding of our privilege as individuals and as an organization, and how important our role is in supporting justice, reconciliation, and decolonization. As a result, we have been working diligently on our strategic goals of being a leader on social justice within our areas of influence and continuing to develop a business model that supports social and racial justice, while growing and diversifying our circle of collaborators.
We have solidified and codified our commitment in our Statement of Ethics, and we continue to weave all aspects of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion work into our publishing program.
As a solutions-based publisher, we find strength in these hard times in the knowledge that there is so much more work to be done, and the only way to a healthy, just world is to build it together. Our team’s efforts are inspiring for me, and I invite you to browse through this document to learn more about the work being done at New Society Publishers.

A Profound Vision for Uncertain Times

A landmark global analysis by an international team of scientists and economists warns of rising social tensions and sets out survival pathways for humanity.
Ahead of significant political events such as UNGA and COP 27, Earth4All is launching Earth for All: A Survival Guide for Humanity, which presents the results of a two-year research project that brought together leading scientists, economic thinkers, and a team of "systems dynamics" computer modelers.

It lays out what economic systems change really means for civilization and proposes five extraordinary turnarounds that provide a framework for a fair, just, and affordable economic transformation. The book tackles the fierce debate between advocates for “green growth” and supporters of “degrowth” economies.
Earth4All is launching a public campaign, hosting a series of events and citizen assemblies throughout 2022 and 2023 to bring together everyday people to devise recommendations to governments on the best way forward to make societies more equal and less polarized.

Climate Week New York City

Climate Week NYC is an event that has taken place every year in New York City since 2009. The summit takes place alongside the UN General Assembly and brings together international leaders from business, government, and civil society to showcase global climate action. Many of our authors will be taking part in various events during climate week.
The Cold Climate Permaculture Conference
If you’re looking for some inspiration, tips, and expert advice on permaculture, register today for Verge Permaculture's Cold Climate Permaculture Conference on September 23-25 - free, live, and online!

Permaculture experts — including New Society authors Dan Chiras, Gord Baird, and Mark Krawcyzk — from cold and temperate climates gather to share their personal accounts and case studies of building and running successful homesteads and small-farm businesses.

You’ll discover how you can design your own smart, self-sustaining ecosystem that provides you with food, water, energy, and income all year-round – and time to enjoy your life.

Connect with the international permaculture community, snap up giveaways of helpful books, enjoy contests, and much more!

Take your first steps now to a resilient future - whatever may come! 

Best of the Blog

An Echo in Time
Recently, we partnered with Snuneymuxw author and elder Geraldine Manson, C’tasi:a, and the Gabriola Museum to produce Snuneymuxw History Written in Places and Spaces: Ancestors’ Voices --An Echo in Time.

Author Interview with Mark Krawczyk
Why should you care about coppicing? Find out why (and learn what it is if you aren't quite sure), in our interview with Mark Krawczyk, author of Coppice Agroforestry: Tending Trees for Product, Profit, and Woodland Ecology.  Read the full blog here.
Gardening in the Wake of Climate Change
Check out some tips from Robert Pavlis, author of Plant Science for Gardeners, on how to adapt your garden for a changing climate. Read the full blog here.
The Sacred Dance of Life
In The Web of Meaning, Jeremy Lent investigates humanity’s age-old questions: Who am I? Why am I? How should I live? The book offers a compelling foundation for a new philosophical framework that could enable humanity to thrive sustainably on a flourishing Earth. Read the full blog here.

The Inaugural Global First Nations Carbon Summit  

Featuring Carol Anne Hilton, author of Indigenomics: Taking a Seat at the Economic Table, The Global First Nations Climate Summit aims to amplify the perspectives and insights of those who are taking steps to address carbon reduction through the application of technology, land use, and other practices in a meaningful way.

The Summit will provide the platform for Indigenous leaders and communities to highlight how they will navigate environmental sovereignty, economic development, and the carbon economy with Indigenomics as the foundation.

Coming Soon

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