First Year Student Call Campaign

In response to students reporting low engagement in the Fall 2020 Pulse surveys, representatives from the Division of Student Affairs and campus partners formed an Enhancing Student Engagement committee to meet and strategize efforts. As a part of the committee’s Winter 2021 initiatives to move the needle on this topic, a phone call campaign was created for first year students. 96 staff from the Division of Student Affairs and 21 faculty/staff from across the university called a select group of over 2,100 students to welcome them back to Grand Valley and provide ways to get involved. Below are additional findings from this effort:
  • Reached over 700 students via phone (33% answer rate) and all 2,100 via follow up emails
  • Overall vast majority of students responded positively to callers (appreciative, surprised)
  • Students with additional questions were connected to appropriate resources and offices on campus
  • Over 150 students expressed interest in a follow up involvement consultation to find ways to get engaged on campus
only 39% of students feel confident or extremely confident they'll find a job or internship by summer 2021.

College Students' Job

The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted the economy and job market. The uncertainty caused by the pandemic has curbed college students’ job confidence. According to the Handshake 2020 Campus to Career report, only 39% of students feel confident or extremely confident that they’ll find a job or internship by summer 2021. This report also notes that as a result of this uncertainty, 85% of students reported accelerating or sustaining their job search priority as a result of COVID-19. 
Nevertheless, there is encouraging news for GVSU students seeking internships and employment. The W.E. Upjohn Institute forecasts that the unemployment rate in Michigan will drop by over 3% in 2021. The GVSU Career Center reports that 61 employer-hosted events are currently listed in Handshake, indicating that employers continue to engage with GVSU students and alumni. Additionally, 5,334 positions have been posted in Handshake in the past 30 days. Employers are hiring for internships, part-time, and full-time employment across multiple industries.  
To address the decreased levels of college students’ job confidence, the Career Center’s goal is to encourage students to engage in the job and internship search process by providing opportunities to connect with our employer partners. One way students can engage in this process is by participating in the Career Center’s virtual Work Like a Laker Conference which will run from March 8-18.
press pause, rest. relax. refresh.

Press Pause

Many of us find ourselves in a revolving door of hustle and grind. School, work, life, repeat. There’s often little priority given to resting because rest can be seen as lazy and unproductive. But, research suggests that isn’t true. Just look to nature – even the trees and the plants and the soil and the animals take breaks to be the best that they can be. Yet, in the middle of an ongoing pandemic, we continue to grind – but as the great Nap Bishop Tricia Hersey says – “You are not a machine. Stop grinding.”
That is why Recreation & Wellness created the Press Pause campaign for Winter 2021 – a gentle reminder to give yourself a break. We felt students, staff and faculty needed a reminder that it’s okay (and vital) to rest. Even a five minute pause in our days can lower our heart rate, loosen our muscles, increase immunity, improve sleep and digestion and elevate our overall well-being. And even more, as students progress academically, rest can help – sharpen their brains, make better decisions, increase creativity, improve concentration, and help them get more done in less time (because productivity increases after rest!)
So – help us help GVSU take a break by pressing pause.
Virtual Water Coolers Shared Learning Space: Film Series
Upcoming Division of Student Affairs Shared Film Series discussion:

Co-hosted by Dr. Cáel Keegan & Jen Hsu-Bishop

February 17, 12 - 1 p.m.

Upcoming Division of Student Affairs Virtual Water Cooler Series:

Let's Reflect
Facilitated by Valerie Guzman & Liz Chase

March 18, 12 - 1 p.m.
Grand Valley State University
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