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STS Wire 10/10/2016

In this Issue
  • STS Honors Program
  • Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous
  • A Tale of Two Jousts: Multimedia, Game Feel, and Imagination
  • ideas42: Apply Behavioral Science to Design Scalable Solutions for Social Impact Information Session
  • Advice from the Pros: Alumni in Health Careers
  • Hedy Lamarr Achievement Award for Emerging Leaders in Entertainment Technology
  • Stanford Splash Opportunity
  • Strategy Consulting Summer Internship
STS Honors Program
As an STS student, you are offered an amazing opportunity to conduct your own innovative research through our Honors Program. Not only do honors students become experts in a specialized field of interest, but the honors designation signifies intellectual independence, analytical rigor, organizational skills, discipline, and perseverance.This is a great chance to delve deeper into your passions with the guidance and support of a phenomenal team. You can watch past Honors students share their experience in the video above, and read past theses in the Stanford Digital Repository.
More information can be found here
Applications are due on Friday, October 14, 2016
Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous 
The Stanford LASERs are part of a national program of gatherings that brings artists and scientists together for informal presentations and conversation with the audience. Each evening event, free of charge and open to the public, will present four artists, scientists, thinkers, inventors, and scholars who are working on paradigm shifts. Each evening also allows the audience to socialize and encourages people in the audience to briefly introduce their own work. Chaired by cultural historian Piero Scaruffi. Read more.
The evening will feature presentations by:
  • Jenn Smith (Assistant Professor of Biology at Mills College) on "Leadership in Mammalian Societies: Emergence, Distribution, Power, and Payoff"
  • Greg Niemeyer (Associate Professor of the UC Berkeley Center for New Media and Founder of the Stanford University Digital Art Center) on "Edge of Consciousness"
  • David Anderson (Research Scientist at Space Sciences Laboratory at UC Berkeley) on "An Introduction to SETI@home"
  • Lisa Wymore (Associate Professor and Department Vice-Chair, Department of Theater, UC Berkeley) on "Improvisational Dance Within Computer Augmented Spaces: Dancing with the Unknowable"
Thursday, October 13, 2016 | 7:00PM-9:30PM | Li Ka Shing Center, Room LK130
A Tale of Two Jousts: Multimedia, Game Feel, and Imagination
Interactive media and games increasingly pervade and shape our society. In addition to their dominant roles in entertainment, videogames play growing roles in education, arts, science and health. This seminar series brings together a diverse set of experts to provide interdisciplinary perspectives on these media regarding their history, technologies, scholarly research, industry, artistic value and potential future. As the speakers and title suggest, the series also provides a topical lens for the diverse aspects of our lives.
Douglas Wilson, A Tale of Two Jousts: Multimedia, Game Feel, and Imagination. Are videogames "games"? Maybe, but I'm skeptical. To kick off this inquiry, I compare my own motion control game Johann Sebastian Joust to the seemingly similar folk game Lemon Joust. This juxtaposition provides a useful illustration of how videogames are so much more than the sum of their rules and mechanics. At stake here is the notion "game feel," something we videogame designers talk about all the time but have trouble defining. What I want to argue is that the term "game feel" is so useful precisely because it speaks to the messy amalgamation of computation, multimedia, and cultural context. I discuss why this matters not only theoretically, but also practically. As a designer, I'm interested in how audiovisual content, in combination with player imagination, encourages different ways of gesturing, moving, behaving, playing. Read more.
Tuesday, October 11, 2016 | 12:00PM-1:00PM | Shriram 104
ideas42: Apply Behavioral Science to Design Scalable Solutions for Social Impact Information Session
Ideas42 uses behavioral science to innovate, drive social change and improve millions of lives. We create fresh solutions to tough issues based on behavioral insights that can be scaled up for the greatest impact. We help institutions improve existing programs and policies.
Our work takes us to over 15 countries as we tackle social problems across consumer finance, international development, health, government, criminal justice, and energy with partners like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, J.P. Morgan, World Bank, US Department of Labor, New York City Mayor’s Office and more.
At its core, behavioral science helps us understand human behavior and why people make the decisions they do. It teaches us that context matters, that asking the right questions is critical and that simple solutions are often available, but frequently overlooked or dismissed. Join us for an informative evening and connect with members from ideas42. Read more here.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 | 6:00PM-7:00PM | Haas Center for Public Service

Advice from the Pros: Alumni in Health Careers
Interested in a career in health? There are many more options beyond an M.D.! Come hear from alumni in biotech, public health, and allied health professions. They'll share their career journey, along with the insight they've gained along the way. Get advice from Stanford alumni who were once in your shoes. We'll begin with a 30-minute panel featuring 5-6 alumni, followed by a structured networking opportunity to rotate through discussions with the panelists. Enjoy light food and drink while you mingle. Space is limited! Please RSVP here. Read more.  
Thursday, October 13, 2016 | 7:00PM-8:30PM | BEAM, 563 Salvatierra Walk, 2nd Floor
Hedy Lamarr Achievement Award for Emerging Leaders in Entertainment Technology

DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group is pleased to announce the annual "Hedy Lamarr Achievement Award for Emerging Leaders in Entertainment Technology," which recognizes female college students in their junior year whose studies in the fields of entertainment and technology have shown exceptional promise. The $25,000 Award will be presented in November 2017, to coincide with the 103th anniversary of Hedy Lamarr's birth.

To honor Ms. Lamarr, the scholarship seeks to encourage and enable highly motivated students to pursue opportunities available to them in entertainment technology, be those pursuits academic or professional. The award winner will receive $25,000 as they enter their senior year of undergraduate study. While there are no specific restrictions on the use of this monetary award, we hope and expect that the funds will be used to further the winner’s study or efforts in their recognized area of excellence.

Read more / apply here.

Stanford Splash Opportunity
Greetings from the Stanford Splash team! Fall Splash 2016 is December 3rd-4th and teacher registration is now open through October 16th. Stanford Splash is a unique outreach opportunity for your student group to introduce students in 7th through 12th grades to the subjects you are passionate about. Previous classes have been on mars settlement, juggling, hip-hop dance, web development, and many other topics. Now is your chance to instill excitement about learning!

Read more here.
Strategy Consulting Summer Internship

Interested in honing your analytic, interpersonal, and leadership skills through a real-life business experience this summer? Parthenon-EY, a strategic advisory firm with offices in San Francisco and cities across the globe, is currently accepting applications for its 10-week summer internship program! Interested juniors or seniors planning to co-term.
Read more here and apply by October 20th.
BEAM Job Postings

Analytics Associate - 159 Solutions

Product Design Internship - Cinequest

CTE Teacher - New Visions for Public Schools

 People Team Internship - Dow Jones & Co.
Product Manager - UC Berkley
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