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Vote for Chicagoland’s Future

Tuesday, March 18th voters across Illinois will go to the polls to cast their votes in the Illinois Primary Election.  Voters will have the opportunity to choose the candidates from their preferred political party, Democrat or Republican, for the chance to run in the November General Election.  At the top of next week’s election is the selection of the Republican Party’s gubernatorial candidate to face Governor Pat Quinn, as well as key offices in the Illinois General Assembly and Cook County Board.  Every election is about making the tough choice deciding which candidate provides the best plan to lead the state to prosperity.
The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce is an active participant in public policy discussions with our elected state and local government officials. Through the Chicagoland Chamber Political Action Committee, the Chamber supports the candidates that share the Chamber’s desire to make the Chicagoland Region the most business friendly in the country.   Click here to learn more about the Chicagoland Chamber PAC.
Even with the policy wins of the past couple years, including pension reform, workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance reform and the reduction in Cook County’s sales tax, Chicagoland businesses still face considerable challenges from proposed policy ideas originating in the state capitol.
To ensure that Illinois will have a prosperous future, voters concerned about business issues need to cast their votes on Tuesday for candidates who support elimination of the temporary state income tax increase, keeping the minimum wage at current levels, and passage of pension reform for local governments.
Click here to view a list of Chamber PAC supported candidates.
The Tuesday Primary Election sets the stage for debating critical public policy issues our elected officials need to address if Illinois is to remain attractive to businesses and residents.  As a voter, business owner and employee, it is important that you cast your vote on Tuesday and add your voice to the debate.
Click here for more voter information.

Theresa E. Mintle
President & CEO
Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce

Chamber Addresses Minimum Wage in Letter to City Council

In a letter sent Tuesday, March 4 to the Chicago City Council Committee on Budget and Government Operations, the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce stated its position on the call for Congress to raise the minimum wage.
The Chamber opposes legislative efforts to raise Illinois' minimum wage in the Illinois General Assembly at a time when the regional economy is still recovering from the recent economic recession. Raising the minimum wage would put Illinois companies at a competitive disadvantage with neighboring states, potentially forcing them to reduce hiring or eliminate jobs.
The Chamber contends the minimum wage should be addressed at the federal level to prevent states from competing with each other. Click here to read the full letter.

Looking Back at 110 Years of History

Chamber History
In 1945, the Chicago Association of Commerce successfully advocated the State Slum Clearance and Rehousing Program Act, and passed its own Modernized Building Code.  It was presented to the City Council by the CAC and adopted. The Association also paved the way for Chicago's great housing developments following World War II. Chicago's many new parking garages and parking lots erected since 1949 are a direct result of a Parking Plan for the City of Chicago, which the CAC and the State Street Council jointly conceived and financed.

Please Welcome Our Newest Members

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