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This years Mardi Gras Pet Parade proved to be the biggest and best ever!  The streets were lined with people and there were floats, golf carts and walkers as far as the eye could see.  The weather was perfect and everyone was in the spirit of the day bringing their dogs, their beads and their dance moves.
The party continued at the BOWERY STATION where donations were made, games were played and plenty of food was eaten and drinks imbibed.  Almost $3000.00 was raised for the spay/neuter voucher program, a critical program to help reduce the unwanted pet population in Franklin County.
We would like to thank the Mystic Krewe of Salty Barkers for organizing this event and for generously contributing most of the proceeds to the Humane Society.  We also want to thank Matt and Lisa Gardi for hosting the after party at their wonderful establishment and donating so generously to the cause.
What is it about a cross-eyed kitty that is so charming?  Not only is Simon charming, he is also very social and gentle.  He loves people and people love him.  We think it may be because when you look at Simon, you can't help but smile.  If smiles are hard to come by these days, Simon may just be the answer to a happier life.  We guarantee you won't be able to resist his charms!
On Saturday, March 21st, art in all forms will be woven in and around picturesque downtown Apalachicola where artists and musicians will be showing, selling, and demonstrating their talents from 11:00-6:00 pm.  The festivities continue into the evening with a wine tasting at 3:00 pm.  Afterwards area chefs will prepare dishes at their restaurants pared with special wines (850) 653-9419
What would the art show be without our masterpieces on display for adoption?  We will again be set up in front of Oysterbones (Petunia's) in their new location on Market Street just past the Gibson Inn.  We will have both large and small pieces of art available and many styles will be represented.  You are sure to find just the piece of art that expresses your personal style and taste.  Don't miss this years Apalachicola Art Walk!
Many of you have been following the story of Clementine and Whilhelmina (a.k.a. Clemmie and Winnie) for a year now.  They came to us via Animal Control and it was immediately clear that they were a very bonded pair of sisters.  So much so that if we took one to another part of the building, the other would pace and cry.  We knew we couldn't and wouldn't separate them. We networked with rescues all over but none would guarantee they wouldn't split them up so we decided to keep them together and try to place them ourselves.
The pair accompanied us to every adoption event we went to.  People oohed and awed but we had no luck finding someone willing to take both of them.  They went out many times on the adopt-a-dog for a day program and were fostered a couple of times but still nothing.  Until last month.
While attending the annual Oyster Cook-Off in Apalachicola, a couple with their pet hound approached the pair.  The owners were a little hesitant because their dog didn't always get along with other dogs.  Not so with our girls.  Our girls welcomed her into their space and they became fast friends.  
The couple spent a lot of time with Clemmie and Winnie, walking them around the festival and talking about adopting.  They asked many questions and we could tell they were very serious about adopting but said they needed to think it through and would get back to us. We left the festival with the girls but hopeful that we would be hearing from the couple from Tallahassee.
Less than a week had gone by when we got the call.  They had decided to adopt!  We were all thrilled with the news but to be honest, a little sad too.  You see when you are lucky enough to spend that much time with two such remarkable dogs, you can't help but become very attached.
Finally the big day arrived.  Clemmie and Winnie were given a bath and all their adoption paperwork was prepared.  The couple arrived with their other dog and everyone gathered in the reception area.  Clementine and Whilhelmina bounded into the room and their new sister, mom and dad welcomed them with open arms.  There were final hugs and kisses, then our girls turned and walked out the door with their new family. They did not look back.
The shelter is not quite the same anymore.  Oh there are wonderful, beautiful and special dogs here waiting for a home but those two magnificient faces that greeted us each morning aren't here any longer.  You can find them on a couch in Tallahassee with their sister.

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