November 2020
School calendar changes
Several school systems have had to revise their school calendars this year due to COVID-19 safety protocols and outages caused by recent hurricanes.
Employees who have or will reach retirement or DROP eligibility during FY 2021 should be made aware of how changes to the school calendar can affect the employee’s anticipated retirement or DROP start date.
If your agency has revised its school calendar this year, please send TRSL the updated calendar information for all employee contract types (9-month, 10-month, 11-month, and 12-month contracts). Revised school calendars can be emailed to or faxed to 225-925-6366.
NOTE: TRSL will utilize additional verification procedures to confirm retirement/DROP eligibility for members employed in school systems that have revised their school calendars.
Disability retirement: Window of eligibility opening for some
TRSL members who first enrolled in a state public retirement system on or after January 1, 2011, and have worked consistently with no break in service are nearing 10 years of service with TRSL.
When members in the 2011 plan reach this 10-year milestone, they become eligible to apply for TRSL disability retirement benefits in the event they become permanently disabled and can no longer perform their normal job duties.
Here’s what you (and they) need to know:
  • If approved for disability retirement, their benefit will be calculated using the regular retirement formula at a 2.5% benefit accrual.
    EXAMPLE: A member with 10 years of service and a five-year final average compensation of $2,500 would have their benefit calculated as follows:
    2.5% x 10 years x $2,500 = $625 monthly disability retirement benefit.
  • There are no minor children benefits.
  • Also, they will be able to choose a retirement option at disability retirement
If you or your employees would like to learn more about about TRSL’s disability benefits, please see our brochure, TRSL Disability Retirement.
FALL into online training!
Schedule your virtual training session
We'd love to help you with your TRSL-reporting questions, and we're booking appointments now! You can get customized virtual training with TRSL’s Employer Services Department through the online meeting platform GoToWebinar. 
To book a session with us, contact one of our Employer Services staff members:
Webinars – live & on demand
If you just need a refresher on certain topics or reporting procedures, check out our existing catalog of employer-specific webinars on a variety of topics, such as eligibility and enrollments, online processes, and sick leave certification.You can register to participate live or view them on demand.
  • To view pre-recorded webinars, click here.
  • To register for an upcoming live webinar, click here.
RTW Form 15ELEC:
Helpful enrollment chart
Need a refresher on the new return-to-work enrollment Form 15ELEC? Review this announcement from earlier this year or contact our RTW specialist Jessica Trosclair

Click the image above to review "TRSL TIP:
Guide to your monthly exceptions report"
published in the May 2020 issue of The Key. 

ACH/wire transfers
Did you know… submitting payments to TRSL by wire or ACH transfer is more efficient and secure than using paper checks. These electronic methods are the best way to make sure members contributions are credited to their TRSL accounts.
If you have questions or need instructions regarding wire or ACH transfers, please contact one of our Accounts Receivable Accountants at 225-925-6446, or toll free (outside Baton Rouge) at 1-877-275-8775:
In case you missed it... There's a new service period for ORP vendors
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