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Sherman is an 8 year old Chiwienie who was brought to us by Animal Control after his owner surrendered him.  He is a sweet, social and loving little guy but he's no spring chicken.  That works against him where adoption prospects are concerned.
We made Sherman available through our Seniors for Seniors program and hoped someone would step forward wanting to adopt our sweet boy.  It took several weeks but he was adopted by a lovely 65 year old woman who loves these types of dogs and has rescued several.  She has a large fenced in yard where he can run and play with his new siblings and then come inside to sleep with his new family.
We are so very grateful to our sponsor who financially supports the seniors for seniors program.  She single handedly finances these adoptions so that we can waive the adoption fee and still provide all necessary medical care.  
Sherman is just the first in what we hope will be a long line of senior dogs being adopted by seniors.  The mutual love and companionship is a win/win and everyone benefits from this.  Thank you to our sponsor.  You rock! 
Join us Saturday, October 8th for the Franklin County Senior Center Fall Festival to be held at the senior center.  The festival begins at 10 a.m. and festivities will continue until 3 p.m.
Come and enjoy a day of art, crafts, music and food.  There will be a cakewalk every half hour, a silent auction and of course we will be in attendance with adoptable dogs and cats.
Mark your calendar for October 8th.  See you there!
These puppies and their mama were brought to us when the pups were just 2 days old.  Mama was an 18 month old Weimaranar mix who had been chained to the bumper of a car most of her life and these pups were born in the dirt by the car. Mama was sweet and nurturing and the puppies thrived and were quickly adopted at 8 weeks old.  That of course left mama.  
Mama came to us very thin. She had ringworm, severe intestinal parasites and heartworms. She also had a gentle soul and was very eager to please. We were able to treat all of her ailments and she soon gained weight and her coat became shiny and beautiful. 
It didn't take long before everyone here had fallen in love with her and was determined to find the perfect home for her.  A home where she had plenty of room to run and play.  A home that would never again chain her up. A home where she was loved and allowed to sleep inside in comfort.
We put her story on facebook and it was shared many times.  We received a phone call from a woman in Port St. Joe who was interested in her and wanted to meet her and have an interaction with her dog and Sadie.  She explained that she had a home with plenty of room, a big porch and walks on the beach every day with her dog.  
She came to the shelter the next day with her dog and he and Sadie got along just fine,  so the adoption was a go!  We had her spayed and Sadie went home the next day.  A home that is comfortable and filled with toys. To a home with a sweet dog for her to play with and an adopter willing and able to work with her through her transition.
Below is a picture of Sadie on her adopters bed. No more chain, no more dirt, no more neglect.  Looks like she has made herself right at home!
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