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The Importance of Technology for Today's Small Business

The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce is passionate about finding better ways to build small business success.  In today’s business environment, it is essential to our region’s future that we have conversations about how to best achieve job creation, improved wages and stronger business growth. Small business success is at the heart of this conversation.
Small business represents more than 98 percent of all employers in Illinois and accounts for nearly half of our private sector labor force.  We have more than 1.2 million small businesses here in Illinois, employing more than 2.4 million workers.  What would our local economy look like if our small businesses were equipped with the full range of IT tools and Internet connectivity?
An independent study performed in 2013 by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) surveyed small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in five of the world’s largest and most diverse economies—the U.S., Germany, China, India and Brazil—to examine the impact of technology on revenue and hiring.  BCG concluded that SMEs which leverage the latest technology outperform others in innovation and job growth, and increase revenues 15 percentage points faster while adding, on average, twice the number of jobs.  
The Chamber is working with our civic partners, including policymakers and large technology firms such as Microsoft, on behalf of our small businesses to help them become more tech-savvy through programs, educational seminars, networking events and access to thought leaders and tools.  We will continue to use findings such as these from BCG to cultivate our SMEs as we work to make Chicagoland the most business-friendly region in America.
The Chicagoland Chamber was chosen by Microsoft as the first organization to present the BCG study at The Exchange 2014 Keynote on April 2, which I encourage all of you to attend. You can learn more and register for the event here.

Theresa E. Mintle
President & CEO
Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce

Chamber PAC Supported Candidates Fare Well in Primary Elections

Of the 10 candidates supported by the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce PAC in last Tuesday’s Primary Elections, six won their races. The Chamber PAC has been active in the 2014 elections by supporting candidates who support the Chamber’s mission, legislative program, initiatives and philosophy to make the Chicago region the most business friendly in the United States.
Below are the results for Chamber PAC supported candidates:
2014 Primary Election PAC Results
Republican House Primary
  • 48th District– Sandra Pihos (I) – Lost
  • 51st District– Ed Sullivan (I) – Won 
  • 65th District– Dan Ugaste – Lost
  • 81st District– Ron Sandack (I) – Won
Democratic Senate Primary
  • 39th District– Don Harmon (I) – Won
Democratic House Primary
  • 26th District– Christian Mitchell (I) – Won
  • 39th District– Toni Berrios (I) – Lost 
  • 40th District– Jaime Adrade (I) – Won
  • Republican Treasurer Primary– Tom Cross –  Won
Democratic Cook County Board Primary
  • 1st District– Blake Sercye – Lost
The Chamber thanks those that contributed to the PAC and turned out to vote in last week’s elections to help ensure that Illinois has a prosperous future. Your support of the Chamber’s public policy advocacy is critical to building a pro-business climate in Chicago and throughout our state. 
The Chamber will continue its legislative efforts this spring including supporting City of Chicago pension reform, opposing an extension of the temporary income tax increase, and fighting an increase in the minimum wage.

Looking Back at 110 Years of History

Chamber History
The Chamber conducted a successful Chicagoland Fair, Commerce and Industry Exposition in 1957, and an even more successful Chicago International Trade Fair of 1959 followed it.  The latter brought Her Majesty, Elizabeth, Queen of the British Commonwealth, to Chicago as well as a giant U.S. Naval Flotilla.  The trade fair added millions of dollars to 1959 Chicago business totals. The photo depicts Chamber employee Richard Revnes meeting Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at the Chicago International Trade Fair.
Charter Member History: AT&T
In 1885, AT&T completed its first telephone line, between New York and Philadelphia. Seven years later, in 1892, AT&T reached its initial goal, opening a long distance line connecting New York and Chicago. The circuit could handle only one call at a time, and the price was $9 for the first five minutes.

Please Welcome Our Newest Members

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