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Get the latest from GHCC.
Hells Bells, January 2019
Farewell, Carina!
Carina Devi is stepping away from her position as Membership Coordinator in order to focus on her passion for traveling around the Northwest teaching yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. While she will no longer be serving on our staff, she remains "a committed supporter of GHCC's hard work and wonderful community of advocates, wayshowers, and big, beating hearts dedicated to being a voice for Mother Earth."
Thank you Carina for all you have done to connect our wonderful members to this special region we work for! We're wishing you the best in your next adventures.
CdV's Field Notes
Field Notes, 1/13/19: Ladybugs on Harsin Butte
It was hazy in the Wallowa Valley today—air stagnation warning, blue wood smoke, lingering fog over the river—and so, for our weekly Sunday Outing, my husband and I decided to head north, out to The Nature Conservancy’s Zumwalt Prairie Preserve, to hike Harsin Butte for fresh air and a view. We knew there’d be sun out there. We crossed our fingers that the road would be navigable. It was, more or less. We had to break out the tire chains, which were caked with mud and rust from an ill-fated adventure last spring in the mountains of Utah, but ask me about that some other time. Today, the butte.
We gunned through the drifts, turned into the Preserve, and coaxed the car across the prairie to the base of Harsin. We got out and stretched and began to make our way up the shadowy north slope. One elk called in alarm from the draw to the west... (Continue reading on the blog!)
News and Happenings 
  • Baker County received $1.7 million from Oregon Lottery funds to improve sage grouse habitat, mostly on private land. 
  • The Wallowa Lake Dam will be rebuilt if Oregon Governor Kate Brown's budget passes. The new dam would provide fish passage, opening the possibility for reintroducing sockeye salmon to Wallowa Lake. Learn more about kokanee versus sockeye and their history in Wallowa Lake here.
  • President Trump quietly signed an executive order to increase Forest Service logging by over 30%, purportedly to reduce fire risk, despite science (and common sense) showing that logging in the backcountry doesn't protect communities from fire. Meanwhile, logging continues despite the government shutdown: "[O]fficials ... have given loggers permission to keep operating on existing sales — which was prohibited during both the 1995 and 2013 shutdowns — and are now exploring holding new auctions even if the government remains closed."
  • Know someone who's done something wonderful for urban and community forestry? Nominate them for Oregon Community Trees Urban and Community Forest Awards. "These awards recognize powerful examples of inspirational individuals engaging citizens, promoting tree planting and quality tree care, raising awareness and knowledge about Oregon’s trees and forests, and protecting Oregon’s urban and community forests to improve the quality of life in towns and cities around the state." You must nominate by February 15th.
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GHCC works to connect, protect, and restore an extraordinarily diverse and beautiful wild area and its native inhabitants in the Northwest.  Your support makes our work possible.  Thank you!
Darilyn Parry Brown, Executive Director 
Upcoming Events
  • June 1: Hellraiser 2019, Portland OR
Interesting Bits
  • Animals are becoming more nocturnal in response to humans. "[A]s the human population expands, it is getting harder for other creatures to find somewhere to hide during the day. Now new findings indicate mammals around the world have come up with another strategy: They are becoming nocturnal. Exactly what this bizarre shift means for the future of individual species—and entire ecosystems—is unknown."
  • Humans are in the minority as diurnal critters; nearly 70% of animals are nocturnal.
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