Get the latest from GHCC.
Get the latest from GHCC.
Hells Bells, February 2019
One of our favorite nights of the year is fast approaching: Hellraiser, a night of fundraising and advocacy for the Greater Hells Canyon Region! 
When: June 1, 2019
Where: McMenamin's Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR
What: Social hour, full dinner, live auction, keynote speaker Kathleen Dean Moore, and more!
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CdV's Field Notes
Field Notes, 2/9/19: Hick Springs Birds
Deep snow is hard on the birds. A mile north of Lostine, my mom’s buffet of thistle and corn and sunflower seed—aswarm this time of year with finches, juncos, sparrows, doves, starlings and melodious red-winged blackbirds—has prompted two pedestrian neighbors to name her place, wishfully, “Springtime Corners.” Most mornings, a pair of flickers shows up to patiently worry the stock in my own bird feeder in Lostine proper. The juncos tumble around the flickers like disciples. There’s something magical about bird feeders: present an offering and the wild things come. 
That’s not the whole story, of course. I have barn owl feathers and frigate bird bones on my windowsill, and I understand that I’m feeding birds who will go on, many of them, to be eaten themselves. Raptor populations in Wallowa County are still recovering from the winter of 2015, when the snow was so deep and stayed so long that the only prey available to hunting birds was other birds . . . (Continue reading on the blog!)
Moen to present on condors in Hells Canyon
On Thursday, Feb. 28, Wallowology is hosting David Moen in Joseph, OR to present on the feasibility of reintroducing Condors to the Greater Hells Canyon Region. Moen is an employee of the Nez Perce Tribe. Learn more here.
Restoration Director Brian Kelly featured in Whitman College's Semester in the West 
"Brian Kelly, the Restoration Director for the Greater Hells Canyon Council is polite, open to cooperation, but also a man of great conviction – one who is unlikely to back down from a fight."
Whitman College students met with Brian Kelly in the Lostine River Canyon last August as part of the Semester in the West program, an interdisciplinary field program focusing on public lands conservation and rural life in the interior American West.
Find the write up of their visit (as well a great photo of Brian) here.
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Upcoming Events
-  June 1: Hellraiser 2019, Portland OR
Interesting Bits
-  For those of you still on the edge of your seat after CdV's last Field Notes, perhaps you can relax. What looked like an unseasonably early emergence of ladybugs was likely part of a natural break from their winter diapause. We all like to stretch our legs on a warm and sunny winter day!
-  For every pound of human flesh on the earth, there are 300 pounds of insects. Yep. There are an estimated billion billion little arthropods running around this place. 
-  Well, some maybe not so little. The Wallace's giant bee, thought to be extinct, was recently spotted for the first time in decades on an island of Indonesia. Approximately four times the size of the European honeybee, the Wallace's giant bee also sports mandibles that look like they cold take your finger off.  
-  It's not all good news for insects, though; "hyperalarming" studies are pointing to dramatic world-wide die off
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