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Don't be fooled by medical jargon - sometimes a thing is exactly what it sounds like!

An expensive piece of medical equipment in the making.
A woman's pet parrot hadn't said a word for days, so she took it to a veterinarian to see what could be wrong.
The vet laid the parrot on her exam table and checked the bird with her pen light, stethoscope and other lab equipment. After a few minutes, she sat down next to bird's owner and gently let her know her parrot was dying.
"Oh no," the woman moaned, "Are you sure? Don't you have any other test besides those?"
"Yes, I have two more tests," the vet said. She whistled, and out trotted a Labrador Retriever.
The dog approached the parrot, sniffed it for awhile, then shook his head to indicate the bird was dying.
The vet then leaves and returns carrying a cat. The cat nudges the parrot, licks it, and shakes its head to show the bird is dying.
"I'm sorry," said the vet. "Your bill is $200."
"$200 to tell me that my parrot is dying?" replied the woman, incredulously.
"Well, if you'd accepted my first diagnosis, the bill would have been $20. But after the lab report and the cat scan, it's $200."
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