Joke of the Month

Always be careful what you wish for!

An elderly woman is walking along the beach one evening and finds an old, tarnished brass lamp. She takes it home to see if she can restore it. As soon as she finishes polishing, though, a genie comes out of the lamp and addresses her, gratefully.
“Thank-you for freeing me!” the genie says. “In return for your kindness, I will grant you three wishes!”
The woman thinks for only a brief moment before making her first wish.
“I want to be young again!”
In an instant, she feels a strange sensation, then looks in the mirror and sees that she looks exactly like she did when she was 20-years-old.
“For my second wish, I want to be incredibly wealthy.”
She blinks and finds that the room around her has filled with stacks of bills: millions and millions of dollars.
“For my last wish,” she says, “I want you to turn that old cat in the corner into my very own prince charming!”
Poof! Where the cat was laying a handsome young man is now stretching and yawning. The genie has vanished back into the lamp.
Overwhelmed and speechless, the now-young woman looks at her prince, who looks back at her with a smile, then says:
“I’ll bet you’re sorry you got me neutered, huh?”

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