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Dear friends and colleagues,
It has been a busy time at the CPC Network Secretariat.  In the past few months, we have organized a series of events to foster sharing and learning across the sector. From October 8th – 9th, global network partners and colleagues came together from around the world for the CPC Network’s biannual meeting. In addition, our first webinar on community-based child protection mechanisms in refugee contexts was held on October 1st in partnership with the Child Protection Community Exchange. Finally, we launched our first symposium on measuring violence against children, part of larger year long series entitled “Measuring the Immeasurable” on child protection and welfare.  We are delighted to share follow-up reports and recordings with you. 
We would like to extend our deep gratitude to all of the CPC Network partners who made the biannual meeting a success. For those of you who were with us and for those of you unable to join this time around, you will find brief summaries of the sessions along with available presentations for your review. 
 Best Wishes,
Dr. Lindsay Stark 
Bi-Annual Meeting
Bi-Annual Meeting
From October 8th - 9th, 2013, the CPC Network held its biannual meeting, bringing together its Global Taskforces, Program Learning Groups (PLGs), partners, and colleagues from other organizations and networks to share learning and review the Network's strategic vision. Sixty  representatives from 9 countries and 31 agencies came together, with UNICEF and the Women's Refugee Commission generously hosting the event. This collaborative event featured presentations from 24 different individuals from 19 different agencies. During the meeting, participants heard presentations from the different Network entities; learned about current and planned research undertaken by Network partners; and discussed future policy and research priorities for the Network and the sector. Just a few of the highlights included presentations of a multi-dimensional poverty index including children's safety and security in Colombia, a study to measure grave violations of children's rights in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, assessment of parenting interventions in various settings, and a longitudinal study of access to birth certificates in Indonesia.  A full summary of the event, including the agenda, summaries of sessions, and available presentations is accessible  here
Mark Canavera
Community Child Protection Mechanisms in Protracted Refugee Settings
On October 1st, in collaboration with the Community Child Protection Exchange, Mark Canavera, Associate Director of the CPC Learning Network, conducted a webinar highlighting the findings from the first studies of community-based child protection mechanisms in refugee settings, which were conducted in Uganda and Rwanda. Mark was joined by Alfred Stuart Mutiti, Child Protection and Psycosocial Specialist from UNICEF South Sudan as a respondent.  These studies, which were ethnographic in nature, were designed to help actors on the ground improve understanding of community protection mechanisms and examine  their linkages with the education sector. Thanks to our partners UNHCR, AVSI, Healthnet TPO, TPO Uganda, InterAid Uganda, and finder BPRM for making this research  possible.
Please click  here to access the webinar from your computer.  
Measuring Violence Against Children and the Effectiveness of Violence Prevention and Reduction Initiatives 
The CPC Network hosted the first of three symposia on “Measuring the Immeasurable: Building the Evidence Necessary for Effective Child Protection and Family Welfare Policies and Programs” on October 21st. Dr. Joe Amon, Head of the Health and Human Rights program at Human Rights Watch, moderated a panel of diverse experts. The panel included: Dr. Les Roberts, Director of the Director of the Program on Forced Migration and Health at the Mailman School of Public Health, who spoke about the necessity of learning how to effectively measure violence against children; Dr. Howard Kress, Team Lead, Violence Against Children and Youth Team, Division of Violence Prevention, Center for Disease Control, who presented on the CDC's multiple national prevalence surveys on violence against children in developing countries; Dr. Marni Sommer, Assistant Professor of Socio-Medical Sciences at Mailman, who shared her experiences learning about violence among Tanzanian adolescents using qualitative, participatory methods; and Dr. Shakira Suglia, Assistant Professor of Epidemiology at Mailman, whose research uses advanced epidemiological techniques to examine the linkage between childhood violence and health outcomes later in life. 
 Please take the time to view the video recording of the Symposium here.
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