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STS Study Breaks

Reward yourself for all of your hard work this quarter with some Philz coffee and snacks. The STS Peer Advisors will be hosting Study Breaks throughout weeks 9 and 10 for you to unwind and relax. Drop by 200-017 during the the times above!
How AI Will Change Libraries
 How can we transition from the Information Economy to the Knowledge Economy? Traditional approaches based on IT smart technology that leverage indexing, RDF, open link can only marginally tackle the issue. Leveraging the rising of AI and ML together with a new cognitive linguistic approach, I will present the results of applied research which has led to the launch of the first interdisciplinary knowledge graph. Based on the paradigm of conceptual spaces, it builds inferences across concepts and their relationships, always providing precise references to the original literature source and an explanation of the connection. Most importantly, not providing a direct solution to queries but rather leads to infer the reasoning around the answers. Read more.
Monday, November 26, 2018 | 11:00PM-12:00PM | East Asia Library, Room 224
Network Propaganda - Manipulation, Disinformation, and Radicalization in American Politics 
According to the New Yorker, the Washington conventional wisdom presupposes a kind of symmetry between our polarized political parties. Liberals and conservatives, it is said, live in separate bubbles, where they watch different television networks, frequent different Web sites, and absorb different realities. The implication of this view is that both sides resemble each other in their twisted views of reality.  Network Propaganda challenges that received wisdom through the most comprehensive study yet published on media coverage of American presidential politics from the start of the election cycle in April 2015 to the one year anniversary of the Trump presidency. Analyzing millions of news stories together with Twitter and Facebook shares, broadcast television and YouTube, the book provides a comprehensive overview of the architecture of contemporary American political communications. Through data analysis and detailed qualitative case studies of coverage of immigration, Clinton scandals, and the Trump Russia investigation, the book finds that “the right-wing media ecosystem differs categorically from the rest of the media environment,” and has been much more susceptible to “disinformation, lies and half-truths.” Read more.
Monday, November 26, 2018 | 6:00PM-8:30PM | Paul Brest Hall
Biosynthesis and New Paradigms of Making 
This talk will present ongoing trans-disciplinary research and design spanning across the fields of cell biology, materials science, physics, fiber science, fashion, electrical and systems engineering, and architecture. Sabin’s collaborative research, teaching and design practice focus on the contextual, material and formal intersections between architecture, science and technology. Through the visualization and materialization of dynamic and complex datasets, Sabin has generated a body of speculative and applied design work that aligns crafts-based techniques with digital fabrication alongside questions related to the body and information mediation. The material world that this type of research interrogates reveals examples of nonlinear fabrication and self-assembly at the surface, and at a deeper structural level. In parallel, this work offers up novel possibilities that question and redefine architecture within the greater scope of generative design and fabrication. This talk will elucidate the research methods, prototypes and applications that Sabin and her collaborators have achieved, which include adaptive building skins, textile and ceramic assemblies, and architectural interventions that ultimately (re)configure their own performance based upon local criteria. Read more.
Tuesday, November 27, 2018 | 4:30PM-5:30PM | Building 550, 1st floor in the Atrium
China and Silicon Valley: Future Tech Competition and Collaboration—Revisited
Silicon Valley is the world’s leading tech and innovation ecosystem, with a dynamic interplay of innovative startups and global tech leaders in most tech sectors. The region also has large numbers of “Silicon Valley Innovation Outposts (SVIOs),” many of which have been set up in the last five years by large, foreign tech companies. In recent years, large Chinese tech companies have joined the SVIO community, and Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent are just a few of the new SVIO players looking for emerging technologies, acquisition targets, collaboration opportunities, and new insights into how to best manage companies in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) business environment.  Our three panelists—each with extensive and deep insights into Asian/Chinese business and technology developments, as well as the socio-political and economic situation in China—will explore key developments and characteristics of the emerging competition and synergies between Silicon Valley and China. Read more.
Wednesday,  November 28, 2018 | 6:00PM-8:00PM | Skilling Auditorium
Hume Workshop on Writing Compelling Fellowship Applications
Join Hume Writing Center staff at the Haas Center for an evening of brainstorming and essay drafting. A great cure for writer's block, this workshop will help you develop pages of ideas, a new set of writing tools, and the refined focus you need to write your personal statement.
Workshop specifically designed for students applying for the following: Cardinal Quarter Fellowships. Read more.
Wednesday,  November 28, 2018 | 5:30PM-6:30PM |  DK Room, Haas Center for Public Service 
Autonomous Driving: AI's Biggest Endeavor
Prior to co-founding, Dr. James Peng was an integral part of Baidu’s engineering leadership team. At Baidu, James was responsible for setting the technical direction of a variety of fields including advertising, infrastructure, big data, and cloud computing. Later, as the Chief Architect of the Autonomous Driving division, James led the overall strategy and development of Baidu’s autonomous vehicle. James began his career as a software engineer at Google, where he spent seven years specializing in backend and frontend advertising systems. Read more.
Thursday, November 29, 2018 | 4:30PM-6:00PM | Skilling Auditorium


Joo Ae Chu Out of Office 11/15-12/6
If you need assistance during Joo Ae's absence, please contact Ipshita Sengupta ( in Room 23 of Building 200. 
For curriculum needs, please attend Dr. Sato's drop-in office hours 2:00pm-4:00pm on Tuesdays in Room 21 of Building 200.


Office of Transportation and Air Quality 2019 Spring & Summer Intern Program

EPA's Office of Transportation and Air Quality protects public health and the environment by regulating air pollution from motor vehicles, engines, and the fuels used to operate them, and by encouraging travel choices that minimize emissions. Read more.
Media Art Xploration Media Coordinator Internship

Media Art Xploration (MAX), is an organization dedicated to using performing and interactive arts to engage the public’s curiosity in scientific advancements and ignite the imagination around innovation. To do so, we host an annual festival in which we present our own original projects as well as present previously-established work that explores the scientific missions at the heart of each festival. Each festival caters to a different scientific mission and uses a variety of artistic mediums to explore these missions, with the first one being space exploration. Subsequent festivals will cover topics such as artificial intelligence and biotechnology.
Read more.
Healthcare Innovation Internship

OhanaHealth's Internship Program is a "one of a kind" internship experience designed for students with a passion to see positive change in healthcare through entrepreneurship. Ohana works with exciting health / healthcare organizations that are currently researching, designing, and implementing healthcare innovation initiatives. Fellows receive an immersive, hands-on experience, as they work with a startup to solve some of the biggest problems in healthcare. Read more.
Associate, HIV Access Program

The Clinton Health Access Initiative, Inc. (CHAI) is a global health organization committed to saving lives and reducing the burden of disease in low-and middle-income countries, while strengthening the capabilities of governments and the private sector in those countries to create and sustain high quality health systems that can succeed without our assistance. The HIV Prevention Associate will support the HIV Access Program's efforts to accelerate the development, introduction, and uptake of effective biomedical prevention interventions to reduce new HIV infections in resource-limited settings. The Associate will work closely with the HIV Prevention Senior Manager to support the program management and implementation of the Prevention Market Manager grant, which is a multi-year project that CHAI is jointly implementing with AVAC. Specifically, the Associate will help manage and operationalize the work-stream centered on accelerating the introduction of long-acting PrEP technologies. Studies of daily oral PrEP indicate that PrEP is less effective if it is not taken consistently, and that taking a daily pill can be challenging for some people. Long acting PrEP has the potential to be catalytic because of its potential to make it easier for more people to get very high levels of protection.  Read more.
Additional job and internship postings can be found at Handshake.

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