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The 2015 Antique Boat Show is being held this Saturday, April 18, at Waterfront Park in Apalachicola.  We will be in attendance with adoptable puppies, dogs and cats that you'll want to meet.
More and more boaters are including their pets when boating, so much so,  there is an entire line of pet safety products for your dog or cat including sunscreen, life vests and non-skid mats.
If you have been considering a furry first mate he/she might be waiting for you at the boat show this weekend.
These two spring breakers took time away from the beach to come to the adoption center and spend time with our pets.  We welcome kids at the shelter (supervised) and are happy to answer questions and give them an opportunity to interact with the animals.
We believe teaching children about the importance of spaying and neutering their pets as well as the importance of good health care and humane treatment of animals is vital if we hope to change the future of the pets in our county.
If you are involved with a group of young people and would like to come to the shelter on a field trip, please call 850-670-8417 to discuss a time.
Mark your calendars for the 2015 Carrabelle Riverfront Festival, Saturday, April 25th beginning at 10:00 a.m.  We will be there with adoptable pets and we will be hosting the pet contest this year.  Bring your pets with or without a costume and compete to win prizes for best costume, best behaved, most talented and owner/pet look alike.
Registration begins at 10:00 a.m. and the contest is at 11:00 a.m. at the main stage at the end of Marine Street.  There is a $5.00 registration fee and proceeds will be donated to the Humane Society.
We look forward to seeing you and your perfectly precious pooches (and other pets) at the Carrabelle Riverfront Festival!
In November of last year, Animal Control brought us this little Boston Terrier who had been owner surrendered to them.  She was sweet and affectionate but very, very thin and heart worm positive.  Our Veterinarian advised that we build her up before treating her for heart worms and give her medication in preparation for the treatment.
We knew of a man in Tallahassee who was looking for a Boston so we called him to tell him about Betty Davis.  We explained that she required a lot of medical attention and would need to go into foster care to gain weight and strength before we could treat her for heart worms and spay her.  He immediately agreed to foster her and came that day to get her.
The two of them bonded instantly and we looked forward to seeing the improvement good food, love and attention would make.  We talked to the foster frequently and he said she was eating like a horse, playful and happy so we made the appointment for her first treatment.  The treatment date was fast approaching when we received a phone call from the foster saying Betty Davis was struggling to breathe.  We advised him to bring her to us so we could have our Vet take a look.
Our Vet examined her and found her condition was dire.  Heartworms were interfering with the function of the heart and some had to be removed immediately if she was going to survive.  The procedure entails threading a special instrument through the jugular vein and into the heart to extract as many worms as possible, hopefully giving immediate relief and a chance of survival.
The surgery went well.  She survived and a 14 inch heartworm was removed. The heart murmur that was present the day before was gone the next day and Betty Davis was eating and acting like nothing happened.  She went home with her foster with instructions to bring her back for her first treatment in two weeks.  The rest of the heartworms had to be killed before they killed her.
We wish we could tell you that it all turned out alright but the fact is, she didn't survive the first treatment.  Everything that could be done, was done, for this sweet little soul. The heart worm disease was jut too advanced. 
We were all sad this little girl didn't make it but her foster dad was devastated. We assured him that the weeks of love, care and attention he had provided were most likely the happiest time of her life and that he had given her that gift. We're sure he appreciated the sentiment but it didn't do much to mend his broken heart.
Two weeks after Betty Davis died an amazing thing happened.  A woman brought in a beautiful 2 year old Boston and owner surrendered her.  We rarely see Bostons at the shelter so to receive one at that particular time was a god send.  The owner was barely out the door before we picked up the phone to our foster.
He arrived at the adoption center a couple hours later and when he left, he was not alone.  Although he had been through a terrible ordeal, he didn't allow his sorrow to prevent him from opening his heart to another dog in need of a loving home.  Gracie (pictured below) was surrendered and adopted in the same day. We wish it always worked out that way.

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