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Get the latest from GHCC.
Hells Bells, November 2017
Update on the Lostine Corridor Logging Project

In June we filed a lawsuit against the Forest Service regarding the Lostine Canyon logging project (in conjunction with Oregon Wild). Here is where things stand now.
The agency has been cutting down hazard trees along the Lostine River Road and adjacent to campgrounds, and the felled trees have since been removed by firewood collectors. We did not seek a court order to stop this part of the sale, and are happy to see these trees meet a need for local firewood. However, this activity has been more extensive than the project's decision disclosed; it has visibly opened up the forest. 
The beautiful clear waters of the Wild and Scenic Lostine River.
Unfortunately, too, the firewood collection process was not monitored. It appears some of the trees felled in riparian areas, intended to be left in place as wildlife habitat, were removed by firewood collectors.  The riparian buffers have still not been marked, further resulting in Forest Service crews conducting fuel reduction work in a no-touch buffer.

The work performed this fall and winter by the Forest Service is but a small component of the planned logging in the canyon. If the project goes forward as planned, the open forests and stumps you see along the road now will extend all the way to the wilderness boundary. Furthermore, there are no plans to mark this boundary, and the wilderness could be impacted by logging. 
Restoration Director Brian Kelly and Conservation Director Veronica Warnock on a recent field trip to look at the Lostine logging units. View more images from the day here.
We expect a decision from the court before the commercial aspect of the project starts.  We are hopeful the decision will direct the Forest Service to assess the impacts of this project in a transparent manner that recognizes the unique ecological features of this important habitat in the Lostine Canyon.  To learn more about why we filed a suit, check out our FAQ.
Fall Gala--Success!

Thank you to everyone who helped make our annual Fall Gala a roaring success--especially our generous donors and volunteers!  We succeeded in hitting our fundraising goals, and most importantly, had a great evening of shared conversation, laughter, and vision.  If you missed hanging out with us this time, never fear.  Just around the corner is our . . . 
Holiday Open House!
Stop by our office for some holiday cheer! We'll have cookies, mulled beverages, and other finger foods. If you feel inspired to bring something, feel free, but no pressure!
When: December 7, 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Location: 105 Fir St, Ste 327, La Grande, OR
Attire: Show us your holiday sweaters, if you dare
We'll have door prizes, giveaways, and good conversation aplenty.  See you there!

#GivingTuesday, Nov. 28

Giving Tuesday is a global movement in which millions of individuals have come together to support and champion causes they believe in.  It was created in response to the materialism of "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday."  Here, instead of getting a great deal on a holiday gift, you have the chance to reflect on all the work non-profits and charities do on the behalf of others, and give back.
We'd love for you to take part in this day and support any organization whose work you believe in, GHCC or another favorite. While monetary donations are always welcome, don't feel limited to just give money--reaching out to a non-profit and offering to volunteer your time, services, and/or voice are all great ways to support a cause.
Have a very happy Thanksgiving!
Give Now
GHCC works to protect and restore an extraordinarily diverse and beautiful wild area and its native inhabitants in the Northwest.  Your support makes our work possible.  Thank you!
~ Darilyn Parry Brown, Executive Director 
Upcoming Events
  • December 7: Holiday Open House 
Interesting Bits
  • This scientific article is only TWO PAGES long. Over 15,000 scientists have endorsed it. It lays out clearly and succinctly the threats to life on earth. It's not a happy read, it won't make you sleep easy tonight, but it is important and should be read and shared. 
  • More wolf stuff--did you know wolves cooperate much better than dogs? Watch these wolves solve a food puzzle in record time.
  • Can scientific data be too available? This interesting read examines how increased access to rare species location data has aided poachers, often to the extreme detriment of these species.
Seeking Event Committee Members
Love teamwork and a good cause? Looking to support GHCC in one of the most meaningful ways possible?
Look no further! We are currently seeking supporters based in the Portland area to serve on our Portland Event Committee.  We're planning a kick-a** "Hellraiser" for 2018 and want YOU to be a part of the dream team. Please email Kirsten to learn more. We hope you join us!
Sponsor of the Month:
Thank you to Patagonia  for supporting our work!
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HCPC Wishlist
We're always looking for a few things. Your donation is tax deductible, and helps us save time and money. Thank you!
  • Refrigerator--our office fridge is dying and smells like it already has! 
  • Air purifier
  • 1st class stamps
  • Postcard stamps
Thank you EarthShare Oregon for supporting us through your workplace giving campaigns!  Learn how to donate a portion of your wages to Oregon causes here.
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