Caregiver of the Season

Congratulations to Robyn B., an oustanding caregiver and great asset to the Comforts of Home - Care Team!

Robyn B. has been working with Comforts of Home – Care Inc since February, 2010.
Her consistent dedication to her primary clients, a husband and wife, has established her as an incredible caregiver who has become like family to her clients and their kids. 
When Robyn first joined our team, she came with no experience working with the elderly. She showed an openness to the training and quickly allowed herself to reach her full potential. She has come such a long way over the years and has worked with many clients with dementia and physical care needs.
Robyn is a quiet person, but confident in her caring abilities. Her clients’ family depends on her to look over their father’s care needs, which are often very complex. Their mother, who lives with dementia, is familiar with Robyn' kind and gentle manner, and feels safe when she is around.  
Robyn’s discreet and mature ability to resolve conflicts and to remain professional in all situations makes her a dream to work with in a team environment. Furthermore, Robyn’s ability to speak English, French and Ojibway makes her a valuable asset in our diverse community.
In her free time, Robyn enjoys arts, crafts and reading.
Robyn’s devotion to her clients is clear. She rarely misses a day of work and shows a strong work ethic. We could not be more impressed, and are happy to honour her as our Caregiver of the Season!
262 Marion Street | Winnipeg, Manitoba R2H 0T7 CA
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