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Igniting the Next Generation of YOU!
April 2014
Volume 1, Issue 4
Deb's Sparks!
It's tax day, April 15th.  I am thankful that I am 100% complete with taxes for this year!  Spring is officially here - Passover and Easter are upon us.  Spring renewal is in the air.  It's also one of my favorite times of year:  RUMMAGE!  
2011 was my year of discovery, looking for my next opportunity.  I spent time volunteering for numerous organizations until I found the Visiting Nurse Association of Somerset Hills and their famous rummage sale!  I had attended in the past and knew it was fun but I had no idea the impact it would have on my life.
In Fall 2011, Mom, Dad and I sign up.  It's now Spring 2014 and I am the only one still 'rummaging'.  It's a lot of work twice a year and it fills my heart with great joy! I love every minute of it!  Rummage clothes/books/items are magical!
When working with clients individually or in workshops, I often ask about volunteer work.  It's a great way to give back and to bring joy into your life, while testing out a new goal or passion.  If you love animals, volunteer at the local animal shelter.  If you love to cook, volunteer at a soup kitchen or shelter.  If you love to treasure hunt and shop, volunteer at a rummage sale!  You get the idea - explore!
When you are doing what you love, your path rises to meet you.  The Universe sends you signs and affirmations.  You meet interesting people.  My "Rummage Sisters" are some of my greatest cheerleaders on this part of my journey! 
Find your cause!  Donate your time.  Fill your heart!
Peace, Love and Sparks!  Deb
Igniting the Next Generation of YOU!
In the last couple of newsletters, I have been discussing your story; answering the questions: Who Am I?  Why Am I Here?  These seem like short, easy questions, but those who have tried to answer them know this is not an easy task.
Working with clients I use numerology and astrology to identify their birth path, personal year and sun sign.  I ask people to open their minds to these non-traditional pieces of information.  
If you have taken a DISC or Myers- Briggs assessment, you have received information about yourself.  I ask that you open your mind to your birth path, personal year and sun sign information in the same way.  It's another piece of information for you to consider on your journey.
When you open yourself up to new information, interesting things happen.
Are you ready to Ignite the Next Generation of You?
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Tools You Can Use! - Meditation
The February 'Tools You Can Use' was 'Intro to Meditation'.  Have you started your meditation practice yet?  If not, let me give you today's example of why I love meditation.
I needed to write this newsletter and was struggling for ideas.  I used all the usual methods, walking away from the computer, watching TV, laundry, etc.  Avoidance.  Then this morning, I chose meditation.  And in that present moment, the moments of stillness, my mind and intuition awoke with ideas.  When I completed my 20 minutes, I grabbed my notebook and outlined this newsletter and several newsletters into the future.  Inspiration!
This week, Oprah and Deepak started another 21 Day Meditation Experience.  This is an easy way to start a meditation practice with guidance.  You can find more information about this FREE experience here:  https://chopracentermeditation.com/
Deb Wilber is a professional intuitive coach and owner of Real Life Spark, a coaching practice dedicated to Igniting the Next Generation of You!TM 
She studied with Sue Frederick, renowned Intuitive and Amazon best-selling author of “I See Your Dream Job”, “I See Your Soul Mate” and “Bridges to Heaven”.  When asked about Deb, Sue says “Deb is a shining star among my intuitive coaches. Her integrity, strength and insight is flawless. She gets my highest recommendation.” 
You will benefit from Deb’s authentic approach and unique skills, refined from years as a Senior Corporate Executive, well educated with a Masters and Bachelors in Business Administration.
Please join the Real Life Spark tribe on Facebook by clicking the LIKE button on the RLS Facebook page.  We share meditation tips, gratitude and our free-spirited ideas.  
April 23, 2014:  "Discover Your Life's Purpose", Rutgers University Holistic Medicine Student Association, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
Info Sessions!
Information sessions are a great introduction to Intuitive Coaching!  
Info sessions are 15 minutes, over the phone, where we get to know each other and determine if we are a good fit.  And the best of all, they are FREE!  Set up your 15 minute info session today.
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Is this all there is?
Are you searching for the meaning in your life?  Are you at the point where you are asking:  Who Am I?  Why am I here? A Discovery session with Deb will help you find your spark, jump start your journey and allow you to re-discover yourself and your purpose. 
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2014 Mini Sessions!
There is still time to schedule your 2014 Mini-Session.  If you have been a client, then you qualify for the special rate of $29.99 for a 30 minute session over the phone.  I will refresh your birth chart and provide 2014 personal year and intuitive guidance!
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"My conversation with Deb was amazing! The layout and thoroughness of the information she provided helped me understand where she was coming from and just how the information could be used to guide me to my life's purpose. "
“Debra was interesting, articulate, and I enjoyed the workshop!”
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