Master Disaster 
Take the issue of past, present and future value into its appropriate account when something goes wrong at your golf course. 
When something goes wrong at your golf course — and by that I mean, the course itself has been physically and immutably altered, or stands to be — I’m always struck by the superintendent’s reaction. 

If a road-widening takes a green away, or some 25-year storm fells dozens of trees, the owner tends to focus on the immediate consequences. But the superintendent is already thinking several steps ahead. He or she is already figuring out what the next three responses should be, from cleanup, to a possible redesign opportunity, to how this will affect the fertilization schedule and beyond.
The owner and the superintendent typically represent opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to damage control. This makes sense. Owners see the monetary impact first and foremost. Superintendents deal with unforeseen challenges every day — they move quickly from shock to Plans B, C and D.  Read More

Understanding Your Club's Market

Too often, private clubs operate in vacuums. Even those that demonstrate the vision and foresight to develop long-term plans often do so while focusing only on their members, their facilities and those existing problems they can correct/address. Truth is, while all these pro-active planning efforts are important, they must be undertaken alongside consideration of what other clubs are doing in a particular market.  Read More

The Practice Tee
Recent GPA assignments include:
  • NC - Appraisal of Daily Fee course in estate litigation matter.
  • GA - Appraisal of Private Club for possible acquisition
  • PA -  Appraisal of Daily Fee course for coprorate financial reporting.
  • FL - Appraisal of Private Club for Estate Tax reporting
  • WI -  Appraisal of Resort Golf Course Facilities for ad-valorem tax assessment matter.
  • VA - Appraisal of Private Club in ad-valorem tax assessment matter.
GPA President Larry Hirsh will present a webinar for the National Club Association entitled "Real Estate Tax Assessments for Clubs" on May 14, 2015 at 1:00 PM
GPA is currently marketing for sale the following properties:
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We can assist both private clubs and daily fee courses in developing exit strategies, preparation for sale and effective marketing of golf properties.  We focus on the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast US but have also done brokerage in FL and other states.  We've brokered over $125 million in golf properties.  Our appraisal and consulting practice has touched 45 states.  Contact us to learn more.
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