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May 2014
New Enforcement Tools Web Pages Launched
The Enforcement Resources Committee has worked diligently with NASBA to develop various tools to assist the Boards of Accountancy in their enforcement efforts.  -read more-
CPE Audit Service Boosts Efficiency for State Boards
NASBA is now making its CPE Audit Service available to all Boards that are participating in the Accountancy Licensee Database (ALD) using the hashed data to create a unique identifier for its licensees.  -read more-
New ALD Email Alert Adds to Enforcement Efforts
This quarter a new email alert may have arrived in your inbox. During our usual audits of the data in the ALD, we discovered that, at times, one or more licensees might have a status that is incongruous with the “deceased” status that he or she has with another board.  -read more-
Benefits of the Enforcement Resource Guide - Component 5: Hearings
The Enforcement Resource Guide (ERG) divides the enforcement process into nine basic components. In this newsletter, we will focus on Component 5: Hearings.  -read more-
PCAOB Disciplinary Action May Not Justify Board Enforcement
In light of the new focus on federal referrals, boards may want to review rules and laws for language allowing enforcement based on referrals from federal sources. -read more-
Have You Checked Out the ERG Lately?
The Enforcement Resources Guide (ERG) is always up-to-date with new samples and forms. If you haven’t checked out the resources available in the ERG lately, then you might take a minute to review the valuable tools it offers exclusively to boards.  -read more-
ALD Updates
There are 46 Boards on the ALD and Virgin Islands is the most recent addition to CPAverify, making the current number on the public site 43.  -read more-
Adding More Links to the Chain of Public Protection
With the ability to discover a CPA’s full license history across multiple Boards in a single search, the availability of disciplinary alerts, deceased alerts and now the CPE Audit Service, we are seeing firsthand how linking licensee records across state lines enables stronger and more efficient administrative processes for Boards and provides a better safety net for the public.  -read more-
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