Get the latest from GHCC.
Get the latest from GHCC.
Hells Bells, December 2018
Thank you for a wonderful 2018!
GHCC's work is a team effort -- each of our conservation wins starts with YOU. Thank you for all of the support and friendship in 2018!
Hugs at Hellraiser
Re-seeding at Gangloff
Fall Gala
Hellraiser 2018
Summer Potluck
Pulling weeds in Hells Canyon
Staff, board, and advisory board in the Lostine River Canyon
If you want the good times to keep on rollin', please make a year end gift to GHCC. We depend on individual contributions to continue this work!
CdV's Field Notes
For those who missed it last month: we're excited to announce a new blog series, Field Notes, written by Connections Coordinator Christina deVillier. Christina writes evocatively about the landscape she's working for in her Wild Connections program. We hope you enjoy the new series!
Field Notes, 10/19/18: Christmas Tree Scoping via Whiskey Creek Road
I called in to Think Out Loud the other day to make both of the guests unhappy. They were discussing, on the show, the relative merits of real versus artificial Christmas trees. One of the guests was a Christmas tree farmer and the other one was a trade representative for a consortium of artificial Christmas tree makers. I made the first guest unhappy by reminding listeners that anyone (at least here in the forested West) can get a five-dollar tag . . . (continue reading on the blog)
GHCC sponsors Winter Fishtrap
GHCC is sponsoring and participating in 2019's Winter Fishtrap: The Meaning of Refuge, Jan. 18 - 20. From the Fishtrap website:
"Winter Fishtrap is a three-day conference that gathers diverse voices to inspire a greater understanding on a timely theme. This year, the weekend opens with an HCN Live Magazine discussion led by Brian Calvert, Editor-in-Chief of High Country News, joined by members of the editorial staff. The weekend continues with lectures, panel discussions, and break-out sessions to help reveal what “The Meaning of Refuge” means to our environment, our communities, and to us as individuals."
Registration is still open; we encourage you to consider taking part in this year's important conversation! Find more information here, and look for Christina if you attend!
Give Now
GHCC works to connect, protect, and restore an extraordinarily diverse and beautiful wild area and its native inhabitants in the Northwest.  Your support makes our work possible.  Thank you!
Darilyn Parry Brown, Executive Director 
Upcoming Events
  • June 1: Hellraiser 2019!
Interesting Bits
  • Have you ever been lucky / unlucky enough to encounter thundersnow? This rare weather event combines the joys of a snowstorm with thunder and (sometimes) lightening.
  • Another new word: Chionophobia, the extreme dislike or fear of snow. 
  • Wondering about temperature or precipitation trends in the United States? You can use NOAA's handy tool to view trend maps with over 100 years of data.
Sponsor of the Month:
Thank you to the Jubitz Foundation for supporting our conservation work!
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GHCC Wishlist
As some of our local members know, our office flooded last weekend when a pipe broke on the floor above us. Luckily all of the electronics were spared! But the water did flow directly through our supply closet and kitchenette. 
We're hoping that our insurance will come through and cover the cost of the lost items. Until that happens, we will be replacing our letterhead and office supplies. If you'd like to ease the financial burden of doing so, please donate today!
We will get a more comprehensive wish list going in the new year.
Thank you EarthShare Oregon for supporting us through your workplace giving campaigns!  Learn how to donate a portion of your wages to Oregon causes here.
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