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Volume 12  January  2014
Message from the Director
Gratitude and Motivation
As 2014 gets underway, it is a great time to reflect and plan for the coming year. As we proceeded with this task over the past month, the tragic event on Purdue’s campus on January 21, 2014 provided even more opportunity for reflection and gratitude for our first responders with whom we are lucky enough to partner for various projects. The entire VACCINE team and campus community is extremely appreciative of the amazing work that our first responder partners engage in daily.
We have been working over the past four years to develop solutions that assist our partners in small ways to do their jobs more safely, efficiently, and effectively given the wide range and complexity of their jobs. The importance of their job is often overlooked in our safe and secure daily lives, but is vital. While technology can’t prevent tragic events, we strive to help these first responders get relevant information for their daily tasks more efficiently. We met with our first responder consortium this week to help structure effective training programs for our technology and tools and incorporate it into their training regimes, as well as to find the most efficient and convenient methods to deliver training on our tools, such as GARI and VALET, and general technology training for our partners.
When given the opportunity, please seize it and thank first responders you meet for the great and vital service they provide.
To a safe and productive 2014,
GARI Launched 
Indiana Gang Network (INGangNetwork) is pleased to announce the deployment of the Gang Graffiti/ Tattoo Automatic Recognition and Interpretation (GARI). This is a mutual effort between the Indiana Intelligence Fusion Center and Purdue University VACCINE. INGangNetwork is the first program to implement GARI.
GARI allows all law enforcement and criminal justice personnel that are members of INGangNetwork to take images of gang graffiti and tattoos using an Android or iPhone mobile application. The images are stored and indexed by time, location, and content. In addition, users have the ability to browse the database by searching via the radius of specified location, address, date, and color. The GARI tracing capabilities aids the application in detecting shapes and colors of graffiti and tattoo colors. A web version with limited capabilities of GARI is also available.
 ( To read more about Purdue University VACCINE and GARI please visit: here.)
HS-STEM Speaker Series
The Homeland Security STEM (Science Technology Engineer Math focus) program at the VACCINE center has recently started a seminar series to enhance the student experience. The VACCINE HS-STEM students hosted their first speaker of the series, Dr. Nathalie Duval-Couetil. She presented a talk entitled, Transitioning form Purdue Graduate to EntrepreneurNathalie Duval-Couetil, MBA, PhD, Associate Professor, Technology, Leadership, and Innovation, Director, Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program and Associate Director, Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship shared details on what is necessary to transform a successful idea into a business. 
Department of Homeland Security Job and Internship Webinar
The Homeland Security Job and Internship Search Webinar will take place on Wednesday February 5, 2014 from 2-4pm EST.  This webinar provides students with tips and tools on how to conduct a successful search for jobs and internships in the Homeland Security Enterprise. To join the webinar, please use the following link

- A number of VACCINE PIs and researchers attended and presented at the Hawaiian International Conference of Systems Science January 7th through the 9th. University of Stuttgart PhD student Dennis Thom was a candidate for Best Paper.
- On January 15th our HS STEM Program Speaker Series had its initial speaker, Dr. Nathalie Duval-Couetil.
- VACCINE was represented at a meeting with the Red Cross to discuss social media analysis on January 23rd. 
- On January 28th Engagement and Transition Manager, Heather Connell attended a meeting with DHS and the Chicago Police Department to discuss an upcoming project. 
- VACCINE will be looking for graduate students in the Fall of 2014 to apply for the HS STEM Fellowship. Additional information can be found here
- VACCINE will be participating in the upcoming Department of Homeland Security Innovation Workshop in Washington DC on February 11th. Scatterblogs and GARI will be the demonstrated tools. For more information or registration, please visit the website

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