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The Egoscue Method® Postural Alignment Workshop

Saturday, March 29th, 1 - 4 p.m.
Dear Friends,
Discover how to eliminate your pain using the proven and gentle Egoscue Method! Antje Waxman, PAS, will screen your posture and coach you to use a routine designed to eliminate pain holistically. Just $50 for three hours of screening and practice exercises!
"The aim of the Egoscue Method is to to eliminate muscle imbalances in the body. Muscle imbalances cause wear and tear or joint degeneration at any age. Once the joint position is improved, the negative stress, wear and tear, and pain in the body will be eliminated."
Are you coming to this event from a distance? There are two bedrooms in the conference center and a full kitchen for your use! Contact Margaretta McIlvaine to make reservations: 434-293-9708. See the rooms here.
Enjoy the beautiful surroundings at Bridge Between the Worlds Healing Retreat Center. Please use  written directions on the website to find us. Online directions are often incorrect. 
Visit the  retreat center calendar to see more upcoming events!
Antje Waxman
Antje Waxman, is a Certified Postural Alignment Specialist, PAS I, PAS II, certified by the Egoscue University. She is also a certified Nia instructor and loves helping others discover, "the joy of movement."
"My mission is to help people to discover the source of their pain and truly overcome it, as well as managing daily physical limitations -- using a proven holistic approach to pain management."
Antje works from her private office in Charlottesville. 
Join us! Saturday, March 29th
1 p.m. - 4 p.m.
"From pain reduction to mobility, from self-confidence to productivity and sex drive, it is amazing to see a body and mind realign. The speed at which the body responds to new information is evident after a single visit with Antje, but long term success is realized through consistency in the daily practice of movement, this Egoscue routine sends a clear signal to the brain that you are making yourself/your body the priority that it deserves each day.
Antje has been an amazing coach and teacher for me and for my patients. Her own healing journey is an inspiration to all of us. Expect wonderful things to happen as you engage in this new resource for living strong."

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Director of Clinical Affairs
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Internal Medicine
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