Fix Up Loan Program:
Broker Price Opinion Template and Energy Loan FAQs

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Additional Guidance: Broker Price Opinion based on a Competitive Market Analysis
A template for a Broker Price Opinion (BPO) based on a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) is now available on our website.
This is not a required form, but is additional guidance for lenders using a BPO based on a CMA to determine a property’s current market value. A licensed real estate agent must complete the form (not the lender). If this template is submitted, the supporting MLS information must also be included.
FAQs for Secured and Unsecured Energy Incentive Loans
Q: Does work need to be completed by a licensed contractor?
A: Yes, work needs to be completed by a licensed contractor, and the contractor's information needs to be included in the Supplemental Application.
Q: Does the Supplemental Application need to be completed for both secured and unsecured energy incentive loans?
A: Yes.
Q: On a 4.99% energy incentive loan, can non-energy improvements (such a new roof) be financed in addition to energy improvements ?
A: No, only certain energy improvements can be financed with the 4.99% energy incentive loan. A different financing source (such as the secured or unsecured Fix Up loan) would need to be used for the additional improvements. 
Q: On the Supplemental Application, it asks if the customer will be applying for rebates. Does the amount of the rebate they are applying for need to be deducted from the loan amount?
A: No. If they will be receiving the rebate in the future, it does not need to be deducted from the loan amount.
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