Quick tips and resources to support your wellness journey
Quick tips and resources to support your wellness journey
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Wellness Connection: Start at Home

Quick tips and resources to support your wellness journey

Fast Facts About Home and Wellness

  • Virtually all Americans (99%) desire to achieve a healthy home. However, most people (62%) admitted theyhad room to improve their current home wellness.(PR Newswire, 2019) 
  • Kids who spend more time in front of the TV have lower verbal IQ scores (Cerebral Cortex, 2015).
  • Another study found that watching too much television as a child could lead to attention problems in adolescence. (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2007)
  • Oregon has the second-lowest number of housing units per capita in the country and demand continues to grow faster than availability. (Portland Mercury, 2021)

Wellness starts at home.

Our homes influence our habits. Taking time to estabish healthy habits and routines positively impact both your mental and physical wellbeing. Explore self-care tips that you can use at home to improve your wellness. 
Keep in mind that having a healthy role model to look up to supports children in feeling more secure and confident in making responsible decisions, so they are better able to tackle life’s curves with resiliency and self-autonomy. Serving as a healthy role model for the children in your life also supports the development of long-lasting nurturing relationships.

Housing has its challenges.

Let’s face it, the housing market can be tough and even overwhelming. Housing prices are high and inventory in many cities is low. Even though the housing market may be challenging, you can still educate yourself and prepare to reach your housing goals.  
It's important to create a stable home to increase wellness in your life. If you or others you know are looking for assistance, there are many resources that can help:
Take care of yourself and your home so you can achieve your wellness goals. 

Resources to Wellness

In collaboration, Human Resources and the UO Ambassadors program highlight the following wellness resources.

Wellness Ambassadors Newsletter

The Wellness Ambassador program is an extension of the Duck Nest that brings health and wellness education to UO employees in the workplace.
The March edition includes resources and ideas to explore the eight dimensions of wellness:
  • Ways to create a more peaceful home 
  • Co-housing communities help address social isolation 
  • Directions to make lavender wands and bottles 
In addition to these resources, each edition of the monthly newsletter includes insights and ideas on a variety of ways to help you enhance your emotional and physical wellbeing. 
You can subscribe to the UO wellness listserver to receive the newsletter by email each month. Learn more about the program by viewing the employee wellness resources available on the HR website.  

eLearning Resources

Continue your path to wellness with the following LinkedIn Learning courses that provide insights and ideas about home ownership, housing markets, and property insurance:

Benefits Toolkit: 

Get support through the EAP.

The following information is for benefits-eligible employees
The University of Oregon’s employee assistance program provider, Canopy, can provide one-on-one consultation to assist you with your unique needs. Visit the Human Resources website for more information about the EAP and to access services.
Canopy also offers housing support.They partner with Advantage Home Plus, which gives employees access to a network of prescreened-mortgage and real estate professionals, to receive significant discounts. Canopy’s member site also includes articles and worksheets to help you learn more about home buying. Create an account on the member site (State of Oregon is the employer to use when creating your account) and log on to review housing resources.
Additionally, if you need renter assistance, Canopy offers Renter Resource Retrieval which will locate temporary, emergency, or long-term rental housing, resources for housing assistance, and rental property alert notifications.
Here is a quick list of housing support resources offered by Canopy:
  • Renter Resource Retrieval -to assist in locating temporary, emergency or long-term rental housing.
  • Home Ownership Program -credit counseling, education and discounts on buying and how to refinance a home. 
  • Financial Coaching -education, budgeting, savings, and improving credit scores.
  • Legal Assistance in the purchase or sale of a home, landlord/tenant concerns such as evictions, security deposit and more. 
Canopy's webinar schedule includes a variety of topics related to housing:
  • Is Buying a Home Right for You? 
  • Home Buying and Financing 101 
  • Financial Planning and Budgeting After Buying a Home
  • Thinking About Selling Your Home to Improve Your Financial Situation 
  • Visit the Canopy YouTube channel for a library of recorded presentations designed to assist with various life events.
  • The UO Employee Assistance Program (EAP) through Canopy is a free service that can assist benefits-eligible employees with a wide variety of issues that may interfere with their day-to-day activities. This confidential service provides telephone contact and/or in–person sessions as needed to assist with completing an intake, assessment, and referral.
  • Details, registration information, and a comprehensive list of webinar are available on the Canopy website.
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