The Ritual of Morning Coffee
The Ritual of Morning Coffee

TfT Bulletin #12   |   June 1, 2022

As you read this final 2021-22 TfT Bulletin, some of you are already on summer break. Others are in the closing routines and final grading of the academic year.
Wherever this Bulletin finds you, the CACE TfT team wishes you a wonderful summer. May you receive whatever is needed—rest, recovery, professional development, or time to simply be. And whether or not an a.m. java is part of your routine, may the words of “A Liturgy for the Ritual of Morning Coffee” from Every Moment Holy (Doug McKelvey, 2020) serve as a prayer of renewal for you in these summer months.

“The Ritual of Morning Coffee”
Meet me, O Christ
in this stillness of morning.
Move me, O Spirit,
to quiet my heart.
Mend me, O Father,
from yesterday’s harms.
From the discords of yesterday,
resurrect my peace.
From the discouragement of yesterday,
resurrect my hope.
From the weariness of yesterday,
resurrect my strength.
From the doubts of yesterday,
resurrect my faith.
From the wounds of yesterday,
resurrect my love.
Let me enter this new day, aware of my need
and awake to your grace, O Lord.

Have a delightful summer!