Continuing Security Challenges, Upcoming Conference and more....
Continuing Security Challenges, Upcoming Conference and more....
Dear Sandra,
Wishing all our members who are currently celebrating Lunar New Year, great happiness and prosperity.
An interesting practice in our industry during Lunar New Year by some deployers in Asia is the use of pop up ATMs to provide customers good as new notes to use as gifts to celebrate the New Year. This shows one of the many unexpected roles that ATMs can play outside of simple teller machine functions.
In 2020, ATMIA will seek to redefine what ATMs are and what they can do. By making ATMs more flexible and adaptable we can ensure the future of the industry. Next Gen ATMs will futureproof the ATM for the foreseeable future and will be crucial to our shared success. Involving over 280 companies across the ATM industry with a common goal to develop a new API app model for ATMs, never before has the industry seen such a level of cooperation or purpose in meeting the challenges of the future. This is free to all industry stakeholders and we encourage you all to contact Mike Lee at and be part of this global movement.  To read more click here.
Our Call for Speakers submission for the Sydney event has now been extended until 28th February.  The Next Gen ATM and Payments: Innovate, Advocate and Inspire Sydney event will be held on 29th-30th, July  2020. Please forward your submission to either or 
Finally, ATMIA has set-up an Facebook page. We encourage everyone to follow, like and comment on the latest posts for the industry.

Sandra Smith
Executive Director, Asia Pacific
C: +61 424 300 660
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Biometrics: The Next Step Forward in ATM Security

Contributing Editor:
What if you didn't have to remember a PIN or worry about someone skimming your card every time you went to use an ATM? 
Passwords are easy to forget, and they can be a pain to recover, especially if you are in a hurry. The idea behind biometrics is that they only rely on some measure of your body, which is unique to each person. If implemented correctly, you don't need a password or even a smart card to access cash.
Biometrics promise a smoother customer experience and reductions in fraud. The technology is big business, too. The biometric market is expected to be worth $32.7 billion by 2022. 
What follows are the basic types of biometrics that are being used or piloted on ATMs today and a few of their drawbacks.
Fingerprint scanners 
Most people are already familiar with fingerprint sensors. When Apple first introduced Touch ID on the iPhone 5S in 2013, it paved the way for other businesses to explore biometrics as a solution to widespread security issues. For Apple, the simplicity of Touch ID was critical to Apple Pay's success.
The problem with fingerprints is they can be faked. For years, researchers have shown that fingerprint sensors can be fooled sometimes using a lifted print or a person's digitized fingerprint data. And last year, researchers from New York University used a neural network to create synthetic fingerprints that have the same ridges visible when rolling an ink-covered fingertip on paper.
Another problem is that after years of certain types of manual labor, some fingerprints can be hard to distinguish. The technology also requires you to physically touch the scanner, which brings up hygiene issues. 
Finger, palm vein readers 
Fortunately, there is another way to read fingers that includes reading the veins in the fingers. You can also read palms this way. 
A vein scanner illuminates the finger or palm with near-infrared light, which is absorbed by the hemoglobin in the veins to capture a unique profile of an individual. This method of capturing fingerprints is thought to be more secure, because it uses a "liveness" detector to make sure the finger — or palm — is real. 
Most Japanese ATMs already use some type of fingerprint reader, finger-vein or palm-vein reader, biometric security expert Douglas Russell, director of DFR Risk Management, told Infosecurity Magazine. 
In 2014, Poland became the first country in Europe to introduce a network of "finger vein ID" cash machines, with 2,000 of the new ATMs opening in bank branches and supermarkets across the country, backed by a campaign that promised "cash within your finger." 
Two years later, to combat ATM fraud, Fiserv introduced its Verifast palm authentication reader based on Fujitsu's PalmSecure palm-vein technology. And early this year, Fiserv introduced what it's calling a "super ATM" that integrates with the solution. 

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Velox is an Enterprise Cyber Security and IT Infrastructure Monitoring company and has acquired global best processes & practices through an ISO 9001:2015 & PADSS certification. Velox has been recognised by the US government for its innovation & had been called to US to attend the world class summit on Cyber Security. Also US Government has invited Velox to Start Business in USA. All the products developed by Velox are PADSS compliant. Velox has been recognized by google as well for its innovation & invention in the ATM terminal security, Velox is the only Indian Company & Ranked No 1 for the Terminal Security Solution. Velox has its Headquarters in India & Branches at Dubai, USA, Nepal, Zimbabwe. New Members
Product Suite that Velox deals into are ScanPlus & SecureIT. For more details please visit our website 

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