Dear Sherry: 
This is the follow-up message to all of our undergraduate students to provide more details about the university’s plans to welcome more students into our Foggy Bottom Campus residence halls during Spring 2021. 
We will continue to provide housing through the spring semester for our approximately 500 students currently living on campus due to extenuating circumstances. If this is you, you do not need to reapply for spring housing. For all others, please continue reading below. 
The Campus Living and Residential Education Office expects to offer 1,500 additional bed spaces to undergraduate students in the residence halls. If we receive more than 1,500 applications, we will conduct a lottery to allocate these spaces. This supports an equitable process for all interested students. Please keep in mind that we are not requiring any students to return to campus. We want you to return if you feel comfortable moving during this pandemic and agree to follow both the university and the District of Columbia’s health and safety guidelines and directives that are in place during this pandemic. 
If you would like to be considered to be approved for on-campus housing, please read the additional information below and follow the instructions to apply.
Managing the Number of Students to Meet Health & Safety Needs
Under our spring housing scenario, the following measures are being implemented to reduce the on-campus occupancy of residential students for the health and safety of our students:  
  • Each student will be provided their own bedroom, i.e., no roommates within a bedroom.
  • Each student will share a bathroom with at most one other student.
  • Two students will share an apartment style unit except in South Hall where four students, each in a separate bedroom, will share an apartment unit. 
  • Mitchell Hall, our only hall with traditional style rooms and a shared bathroom at the end of the hall, will be closed.Other halls will be closed as well, as their room style does not meet our health and safety requirements for occupancy during this pandemic.  
  • Students will not be assigned to live in the housing offered on the Mount Vernon Campus.
  • GW-owned on-campus fraternity and sorority housing, including small townhouses and Greek row, will be closed. If a fraternity or sorority owns their own townhouse, either on-campus or off-campus, it is the decision of the chapter’s national headquarters whether to allow its members to reside in the non-owned GW property. 
These residence halls will be available to live in: 
1959 E Street, FSK, District House, Lafayette, One Washington Circle, Potomac, South Hall, The Aston and Shenkman Hall.
Housing Rates and Reductions: 
All residents who are approved to live on-campus this spring who have a kitchen in their unit will have the same spring housing rate of $6,000. Students who are assigned a unit without a kitchen (Lafayette and Potomac House) will have a rate of $5,700. The rate is for the spring term housing provided from January 23 - May 12. 
The cost of a student’s meal plan will depend on if a student is assigned with a kitchen or without a kitchen. A meal plan “with kitchen” is $1,570 and “without kitchen” is $2,445.50 for spring 2021.
Housing options and availability for summer 2021: 
No decisions have been made yet about how many students we will be able to accommodate safely on campus during the summer.  More information about summer housing will be provided during the spring semester. 
Adhering to GW’s Health and Wellbeing Guidelines and Directives 
For students who live on-campus, the residential experience will be different in the spring. In order to maintain a safe and healthy environment for everyone, we expect our students to: 
  • Follow GW’s  Commitment to Health and Wellbeing and the COVID-19 Campus Health and Wellbeing Policy;
  • Complete a mandatory training; 
  • Participate in our policy’s weekly testing and only if you receive a positive test, also tracing;
  • Monitor your daily symptoms on our medical portal app to maintain campus access; 
  • Wear cloth masks at all times except in your own room. District of Columbia and university guidelines state that masks are to be worn except for when eating and exercising vigorously; 
  • Practice social distancing and minimizing close interactions with others; 
  • Comply with the District’s requirements for group size at each phase of the District’s reopening plan as well as limit student gatherings to no more than 10 people; 
  • Demonstrate that you have received your seasonal influenza immunizations for on-campus students, faculty and staff, with exceptions based on medical conditions and religious beliefs in compliance with legal requirements and standards of medical care.
The Application Process

Now that you have reviewed the expectations for students who will be living in our residence halls, please complete the application form if you would like to pursue living in a campus residence hall in the spring. 

The application will open at 10 a.m. (EST) on Tuesday, Oct. 27. 
Request to be Considered for Spring 2021 Housing Form
The deadline to apply is 10 p.m. (EST) on Monday, Nov. 2.

This is not a first-come, first-serve application process. If we receive more applications than bed spaces available, we will conduct a lottery based on your class year to allocate these spaces proportionally by class year to support an equitable process for all interested students. Filling out the request form does not automatically grant an approval to live in campus housing.

Please Note: The online system only allows up to 200 students to enter at one time. Please be patient if you log into the system and see ‘The system is temporarily full’ text on the page. Please close the application and your browser and return later. The system will remain open 24-hours-a-day through 10 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 2, so we ask for your patience. 

We understand that you and your families may want additional time to make a decision on whether on-campus housing will be the right fit for you this spring. However, we are not able to extend the application deadline. We know that students and families want to plan and make travel arrangements, and we want to be able to prepare for our students to arrive this spring. Therefore, we need to be able to start the application review process as soon as possible.
You will be notified by Friday, Nov. 20, whether you have been approved or not approved for on-campus housing.  If you are not approved to live in on-campus housing, please know that the District of Columbia Zoning Commission’s residency policy states that all first- and second-year students whose permanent home residence is not within a commuting distance of campus are discouraged from living in nearby off-campus housing.
Other Considerations as You Apply
To keep the new application process simple, we are going to ask a limited number of questions and utilize, to the best of our ability, your original housing application.  
  • Your lifestyle question responses from your 2020-2021 housing application will be considered;
  • You will be allowed to preference a suitemate after you are approved to live on campus and before you receive your assignment. You can preference one roommate/suitemate. First-year students must preference other first-year students;
  • You will not be permitted to preference your hall/building of choice; 
  • For upperclass students, if you chose to extend the storage of your belongings that were packed and stored in spring 2021 and you will be returning to campus housing this spring, we will have your belongings redelivered to your new housing assignment before your arrival. If you chose to extend the storage of your belongings and will not be returning to campus housing in the spring, we will provide you with additional information by the end of November on how we can help reunite you with your belongings. 
Questions? We Can Help. 
We realize that you are likely to have questions. We are offering several virtual forums for undergraduate students and their families. Check out the dates and time on our Coronavirus Response website. 
We are currently experiencing an increased volume of inquiries. The best way to reach us is via email at the account, and we aim to respond within two business days. Our team is able to assist you with your residential questions. If your question is about academics or financial matters, we encourage you to reach out to those respective offices. 
For additional fall or spring information, please contact the GW Information Line at 1-855-GWU-INFO (855-498-4636), 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (EST), Monday through Friday.
As we continue to face an ever evolving situation with this pandemic, we are looking forward to welcoming more of you back to campus this spring.  
Seth Weinshel 
Assistant Dean of Students for Campus Living and Residential Education

Stewart Robinette 
Assistant Dean of Students for Campus Living and Residential Education