Open to read the latest news from Woodward ...
Open to read the latest news from Woodward ...

February 2021



Dear Woodward Families,

Reopening Woodward has been one of the greatest exercises in collaboration, cooperation, and trust that I have witnessed in education.  Our staff has reinvented nearly every aspect of school life, from how we enter the building and walk down the halls to what classroom learning and homework looks like.  Their teamwork and flexibility this year has been nothing short of amazing.  Our students have worked hard to adapt to these novel school experiences, truly exceeding our expectations.  We have asked them to approach school in ways that are challenging in terms of time-management, organization, and self-advocacy.  Then, when we returned in-person, our students cooperated with all of the safety protocols.  Parents took a huge trust fall, as we asked you to have faith that our reopening procedures would be safe when you were not there to witness them yourself.  I am so proud of our school community’s response to this pandemic. 

Our pause in reopening this week gave us the opportunity to evaluate our safety procedures.  The fact that these two positive cases were isolated incidents and did not produce school-based transmission, provides us with the evidence that our safety measures are working.  Of course, as with anything new, we identified areas to improve with our biggest concern being the hallway congestion that interferred with social distancing. This week, we overhauled our passing period plan with a model that reflects an elementary school more than a secondary school.  Now, students will walk in lines between classes with careful choreography. We will teach our students how this will work during Wake Up Woodward on Monday, February 22nd. Teachers will walk students through their particular choreographed moves on a class by class basis on the 22nd and 23rd.  I can’t wait to step back and watch the ballet unfold!

I want to clear up a misconception about why we took this pause.  It was not because the school was deemed unsafe. Rather, it was to take the time to evaluate and make adjustments based on our observations and feedback from our first week back in school.  Please note that our future response to isolated cases will not be to close the school.  Here is information about what will happen if there are positive cases at school in the future, along with some definitions and clarifications. The reason that we have so many redundant protocols is that together they provide the safety we need to overcome the fact that COVID is present in the Bainbridge community.  If masks alone were 100% effective, we would not have all the other measures. Rather, we have masks, social distancing, improved ventilation, surface cleaning, health screening, and district-based testing.  When cases arise, we have contact tracing, deep cleaning of targeted rooms, community notifications, and mandatory quarantines of sick individuals.

I want to close with a shout-out to our PTO for all of their support this school year.  Most recently, they provided a coffee cart for staff as we prepared to reopen; they also made bright posters to decorate our hallways to welcome students back to school. Thanks for helping our staff and students feel the love!


Sebastian Ziz
WMS Principal
The PTO would like to restate that we are all in this together regarding COVID safety measures.  We all play a part in preventing the spread of this disease.  Here are a few reminders for all of us to do our part and to help our children do theirs:
  • Do your best to limit social interactions.
  • Remind your kids to stay socially distant and masked during school pick-up and drop-off.  Examples: 1) walking the trail from Sakai to Woodward in the morning; 2) approaching school grounds from the walking trails at New Brooklyn
  • If you are traveling over mid-winter break, be sure to follow the state guidelines which recommend a 14 day self-quarantine when returning from other states and countries.
Warm regards,
April Murray and Julie Farley
WMS PTO Co-Presidents
The time of year is approaching to begin the pre-registration process for the 2021-2022 school year.

Current 6th Grade Students:
More information to come in the March 2021 Newsletter.

Current 7th Grade Students:
More information to come in early March 2021.

Current 8th Grade Students:
More information to come in the March 2021 Newsletter but here are some important dates to note:

  • BHS Incoming Freshman Parent Night Zoom Webinar – Tuesday, March 16th @ 7:00 pm.
    Webinar Link  Passcode: 155478
  • EHHS Incoming Freshman Students and Parent Night Zoom Meeting - Thursday, March 4th @ 7:00 pm.  This is a Zoom meeting, not a webinar.
    Zoom Link

The Woodward Student Hybrid Schedule follows.  This schedule resumes Monday, February 22, 2021.

Full Size Hybrid Schedule

Parent Pick-Up & Drop-Off Adjustments

While our main goal will always be student safety, we strive to make student drop-off and pick-up as efficient as possible to respect your time.  Here are some changes and reminders:

  • If loading/unloading off campus, please do so safely.  The corner of Sportsman and New Brooklyn is not a safe place.  Consider Island Church, First Baptist, or the BARN as a safer meeting place.
  • There is a great safe walking path from our school to Island Church/Park and Ride. (see photo below)
  • We are trying to get as much traffic off of Sportsman Club Road as possible.  Once in the parking lot, minimize space between cars, like ferry parking!
  • Pull as far forward in the loading zone as possible before coming to a stop.  This allows more cars to load/unload at the same time.
  • Students load and unload in the loading zone only, not from the parking lot.
  • We will be holding cars in the parking lot to let the buses out, maybe up to a five-minute delay.  Please be patient.
  • Please be courteous to staff.  We are working together to keep kids safe by following the plan.
Island Church Park and Ride - Safe Walking Path
Attendance Changes and Make-Up Work

Now that we are back in-person, Hybrid attendance procedures differ from Online attendance proceedues.  For students in the Hybrid model:

  • Attendance is based solely on being present at school Monday through Thursday.
  • Friday attendance continues to be based on the completion of asynchronous learning tasks that are assigned that day.
  • If your student is absent from in-person school, parents can excuse the absence by calling:  (206) 780-4579.
  • If your student is staying home sick, we now need to know what symptoms they are experiencing.
  • If your student needs to stay home to quarantine, they can stay current with their assignments by accessing the work in their Google Classrooms.
Note:  Attendance procedures are not changing for Online-Only students.
Some parents have asked if they can keep their Hybrid student quarantined at home indefinitely and just access school through Google Classroom.  Google Classroom allows a student to stay current for a week or two; beyond that, students will fall behind and it will become a burden on their teachers.  If you are uncomfortable sending your student back to school, please contact your student's school counselor.

Important GoGuardian Update

In 2019, WMS began using GoGuardian software to support students’ use of chromebooks on our school campus.  This software allows teaching staff to:

  • Monitor live data from student screens during a Classroom Session.
  • Send Commands (including Open Tab/Close Tab/Lock/Unlock) to redirect student activity.
  • Chat with students, send a class announcement, or take a snapshot of their screen.
  • Review student activity after a session is completed.
In February 2021, we’ve increased the functionality to give WMS teaching staff the ability to use the software on school chromebooks when students are not on our WMS campus. This enables staff to support students during times of remote learning or if a student is home during a quarantine.  Keep in mind that teachers may still have in-person classes when students are working remotely; however, there may be occasions when this functionality allows us to better support some students.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  GoGuardian software only allows WMS staff to see what is on a student’s Chromebook screen during the school day (8:05-3:25). It does not allow anyone to access the student’s chromebook video camera or microphone.

If you have any questions or concerns about the GoGuardian software, please contact our building tech, Danielle Stoehr.

February 8  @  9:00AM
February 15-19 - NO SCHOOL
February 25

March 4 @ 7:00PM

March 16 @ 7:00PM

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