Dear Solar Stakeholder,
DOER has posted an update to SREC I and SREC II exempt load projections workbook on the RPS and APS Minimum Standards page of its website. This spreadsheet includes actual and projected data provided by retail suppliers as part of their 2015 RPS Compliance Filings regarding the quantity and impact of load exemptions granted under each program. Additionally, DOER has added a separate tab that details the quantities of Re-minted Auction Account Attributes that were settled for compliance by original vintage and compliance year settled.
This data represents critical information on supply and demand that market participants should be able to utilize to determine the market price of SRECs and SREC IIs. While it is not available at this time, DOER intends to work with retail suppliers to obtain projections relating to the amount of exempt load that will exist under the exemption granted to them earlier this year in 225 CMR 14.07(3)(a)1. This information will be provided publicly as soon as it becomes available.
Michael Judge
Director, Renewable and Alternative Energy
Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources

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