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Living paycheck to paycheck is the reality for over 50% of adults in America. Money worries cause stress for over 75% of adults who say they lose sleep over finances. Financial stress can also lead to high blood pressure, lowered immunity, problems with digestion, anxiety, depression, and overwhelm.
When there isn’t enough money for the month, you may make difficult choices, such as: 
  • Putting off refilling medications
  • Missing important medical visits
  • Not eating well from not having access to nutritious food
  • Skipping meals so others in your family can eat
  • Adopting unhealthy coping habits such as smoking or drinking alcohol
  • Skipping out on exercise and activity
Financial health starts with financial security. This means you can afford the basics that we all need to thrive, such as safe housing, nutritious food, and reliable electricity.
Your financial health begins with managing your money and your expenses so you can make it through the month. The next step is starting to save what you can for emergency situations. Financial health improves as you chip away at your debt. One day, you will be able to manage your money in a way that builds wealth.
Most people go through hard times financially at some point. You are not alone and there is help. Find support to improve your financial wellness one step at a time. Follow the first link below for a free financial education program. Then use the other links to learn about programs that may be able to help when times are tough.
If you are unable to view, please click the ‘see it online’ link above.
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