Another FDOC, another great day to be a blue devil!
Another FDOC, another great day to be a blue devil!

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Welcome (back) Everyone and Happy FWOC!

For the Class of 2026 and new transfer students, we are especially excited to welcome you to the home of the better blue. We hope that O-Week has been great and look forward to the upcoming year.

Every week, Duke Student Government (DSG) sends out an email highlighting events on campus, DSG projects, and general announcements. In this edition, we have information on social host workshops, tailgates, a great University 101 class, nominations for DSG cabinet positions, input on DSG projects, and more. We highly suggest that you read (or at least skim) the blast each week as this is DSG’s most direct line of communication to students

This year, DSG is emphasizing communication, clarity, and community, and want to center our work around what you as the students want (such as through the survey farther down asking for your thoughts on what projects we should pursue)! We are excited to collaborate with all of you, and a lot of information on that will be in this blast!

On that note, we are instituting a phone number you can use to reach the DSG Executive team, (336) 901-0025, and Lana will be on the BC Plaza every Wednesday at 3pm starting on the 7th to answer your questions, comments, and concerns. And as always, you can reach us at and visit our website to view exec in-person office hours. 

Upcoming Social Host Workshops
Are you planning on hosting an event that involves alcohol this upcoming year? Be sure to go through the Social Host workshop.

For all events involving alcohol there must be one (1) Social Host for every 25 expected attendees. The name(s) of each Social Host must be submitted via DukeGroups when registering your event involving alcohol. Click here to learn about who counts as a social host, when the sessions are, and how to register.

Tail Gate Information
Friday 9/2 will be Duke Athletics’ first tailgate of the year! We hope you’ll come out and show your spirit for the Blue Devils as well as support Coach Elko’s inaugural season. All details can be found at

University 101: Let’s Talk About Race
Still considering fall courses? Check out UNIV 101: Let’s Talk About Race. Counts for SS, CCI, EI and this list of majors/minors. You will get to engage with some of Duke’s leading scholars/teachers as you learn about the evolution and consequences of race within their area of expertise, including public health, law, popular culture, immigration, religion, justice, and more. And did we mention there will be food? Dinner will be served after class on Tuesday nights.
UNIV 101: Let’s Talk About Race

This week in DSG!
1. Join Cabinet!
DSG Cabinet nominations are now open! Cabinet is the main advocacy body of DSG and aims to uplift and support underrepresented groups on campus and in DSG. Cabinet is composed of 10 directors overseeing a variety of identities that will serve as liaisons of communication and advocacy between student groups and DSG/administration. Nominations (yes, you can self nominate!) and applications close by September 7th, applications will be sent to nominees. If you have any questions, contact!
2. Want to learn how the sausage gets made (aka join DSG)?
Next week's blast will include information on how you can get involved in DSG. In the meantime, email EVP Devan with questions.
3. Give us feedback
As the year starts ramping up, Senators on DSG start proposing their project work for the semester. This year, we want our project work to be informed by you. We want to hear what you value as important actions and what you’d like to see on campus. Please take a brief minute or two to fill out our survey here on what projects you want. We will use this feedback to help craft our projects for the year.

4Duke Mail Survival Guide

Last year, DSG senators in the services and sustainability committee generated a survival mail guide for Duke students. This guide was created to help students with shipping packages and reducing delays in mail services on campus. 
Go Blue Devils!
Lana Gesinsky (she/her) | President

Devan Desai (he/him) | Executive Vice President

Hana Hendi (she/her) | Chief of Staff