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Camp Nakanawa
Four Week Junior Newsletter - Week 2
July 13, 2021
Greetings from Camp Nakanawa!  We have had a wonderful week full of classes and special activities! Here is what we did in our second week at camp!
Monday:  This Monday, we had a regular class day filled with learning new skills and having fun.  We also had laundry day so no one has to worry about stinky clothes in their trunk or cabin!  Monday evening campers had their first rock meeting.  During their meetings, team leaders talked about kindness and respectfulness.  The teams also learned new cheers in preparation for the weekend meets.

Tuesday: This Tuesday, we continued the regular class schedule, rest hour, and free swim.  During free swim, some campers practice for Oklahoma!, swim, canoe, complete Arts and Crafts projects or help out at the nature hut. For Evening Entertainment, we wore our pajamas and took pillows and blankets to the Council House for movie night.   We loved watching Oklahoma! By the end of the movie, all of us were singing along with the movie.  

  Wednesday was our free day for the week.  We enjoyed wearing our free day clothes to breakfast.  Right after breakfast, the 6th graders left for the Caney Fork River.  All had fun canoeing down the Caney Fork River.  Halfway down the river, the 6th graders enjoyed milkbreak. Everyone returned to camp for a much needed rest hour.   Back at camp, 5th graders canoed to the dam.  They enjoyed swimming and eating milk break at the dam.  3rd and 4th graders enjoyed time at nature and glee club.  Each group practiced their songs and dances for the Operetta with Mrs. Tiny. In Nature, the girls had fun building rat mazes for the baby rats and making a God’s eye craft.  They learned the four corners represent the four earth elements: earth, fire, air and water.  After rest hour, we enjoyed free swim and fun time in big/little sister cabin groups.  We did fun activities such as spa time, swimming and playing games.   For Evening Entertainment, we continued in our big/little sister groups and played human bingo.  We loved the fun competition as we tried to figure out home buttons on our shirts or which states we are from.  

Thursday: Thursday we had another wonderful day of classes.  We enjoyed practicing all the skills we are learning at camp.   We had a peaceful rest hour and fun free swim period.  At lunch, we were excited to learn that we could wear our jeans, boots and bananas to dinner as tonight was the Camp Nakanawa hoedown!  After dinner, we sashayed down to the riding arena for the fun event.  We enjoyed line dancing, pole riding (on noodles), water pong and Corn Hole.   We had some guest visitors: two adorable Nigerian Dwarf goats and some fortune tellers.  We loved hearing our fortunes as the mystics, Miranda and Misty read palms and cards.   We will learn more about the care of the cute goats as they will stay at the nature hut.  The wonderful hoedown ended with a cake raffle.  Cabins 3 and 14 enjoyed eating their cakes at milk break on Friday.

  This Friday we awoke to thunder and expected a rainy day schedule.  However, the skies quickly cleared for another regular class day.  The only difference was free swim was pushed back to right before dinner so we could enjoy a yummy, hamburger cookout.  After a full day of classes, swimming and diving in the lake was lovely.  Friday evening we walked to Council Ring.  We enjoyed the story of the five grateful butterflies and fun relay races.  It was great to see so many girls getting recognized for working hard in their classes.  Posture recognitions were last.  We love to see so many girls with great posture.  Pepe ended our Council Ring by reminding us all to show kindness to everyone we encounter.

Weekend Fun:  This Saturday began with pep meetings for the Amazons and the Valkyries before everyone went down to the waterfront.  A brief thunderstorm moved part of the swimming meet inside.  The skies cleared for canoeing and diving to continue at the lake. Saturday afternoon, campers participated in a rotation of Archery, Tumbling and Wall meets.  After a  pleasant rest hour, campers played mass soccer during the games meet.  For Evening Entertainment, campers had fun looking for counselors hidden around camp.  On Sunday morning, we had our tennis meet, where the big side played Queen of the Court doubles style with serves, the middle side played simple Queen of the Court and the little side played jailbreak. All the campers had lots of fun playing tennis!  We loved seeing the big girls from Tent Row as they came over for church. We enjoyed hearing their thoughtful service.  After our long rest hour, we had a fun afternoon of “Olympic” games including an entertaining watermelon race in the lake! We ended our day with a peaceful Counselor Vespers by the lake. 

Activity Highlights 

Archery- We started scoring in archery, everyone starts with the first classification Lady Cluck, 50 points at 10 yards. After the campers finish the first classification, they move on to the next one. On the little side it is Piglet. And on big side it is Friar Tuck. 

Arts and Crafts-We began this week, painting the frame on our watermelon painting. We also enjoyed exploring with watercolors.  We sketched Lake Aloaloa and then watercolored our sketch.  6th graders have been busy in class and at free swim, planning and painting their lap boards.  

Canoeing- This week, the 6th graders have been learning how to do lines and landings in the canoe in order to become qualified sterns. We have two new qualified sterns who are beginning to start blading, which is canoeing by yourself. Our other classes have been adventure canoeing around Lake Aloaloa and playing games such as tug-o-war and Hungry, Hungry Hippos. 

This week we have continued to work on our front dives and going in head first. We have started to learn new dives along with perfecting our front dives. We are continuing to work towards our goal of every camper being able to enter the water head first.all Junior campers diving into the lake head first.

This week, we started our tumbling which involves warming up to increase flexibility.  The basic skills we use for this are log and tuck rolls. We also introduced Chinese jump rope.  Friday, we played mass soccer.  This type of soccer involves four goals instead of two.  All these activities are in preparation for Saturday’s game meet.

Glee Club- We are busy working on blocking scenes and choreography for our Operetta.  We are learning our lines and lyrics too. Oklahoma! songs can be heard spilling from the council house all day!  We loved watching the movie Oklahoma! for Evening Entertainment. The movie helped us with our character development. We continue to learn new camp songs each week.

Nature- This week we had fun fishing and scooping.  Once we got our feet in the mud, we enjoyed scooping for minnows and water bugs! On Thursday, we started our teaching group projects. 3rd graders are building fairy villages in hopes that some Nakanawa fairies might return to camp.  4th graders are making root beer from sassafras roots.  This week they picked sassafras seedlings and then cleaned and hammered the roots in preparation for making the root beer.  5th graders are learning survival skill. This week they made an outdoor shelter using saplings and spruce branches.  6th graders are making walking sticks. This week they cut saplings and learned to safely whittle their  walking sticks.  We are also busy finding creatures around camp such as a Wolf spider, a Swallowtail butterfly, a Velvet ant and loads of toads!

In our second week at horseback riding, campers encountered great variety.   All campers have worked on comfort and confidence on horseback, and riders with balance and steering experience have attempted the posting trot.  The physical strength, coordination and mental demand on the rider aboard a bouncy horse is considerable; campers of all ages and sizes have trotted courageously and worked to master the rhythm of rising with the up/down beat of their mount’s trotting feet. Other equestrian tasks and skills presented include independent dismounting and leading horses safely to their stalls.  Some girls still hesitant to ride have worked as lunge line trainers with our miniature horse, Biscuit, and have finished all smiles after that new activity beside our young, patient riding counselors.

Swimming - This week, 6th graders started on Nakanawa Form Swimming.  Now 6th graders may choose form or competitive swimming during class. The rest of the classes did drills to help improve their leg strength, timing and stroke for the freestyle meet this weekend. We also played games such as Red Light/Green Light.  Many campers reached the goal of swimming one mile during free swim. 

Tennis- In the second week of camp, campers really improved their skills and enjoyed playing tennis. We started off with volleys on Monday and overhead smashes on Tuesday, so the girls could improve their net strokes and prepare for doubles. On Thursday and Friday, we focused on going over serves and returns. By the end of the week, the big side and middle side were playing doubles with serves, volleys and all the skills from this week. We had lots of fun!

Wall - This week, we started learning how to use the belay system correctly. Campers were shown how the system works, as well as how to use it if they were the one belaying. Campers began practicing for their wall meet this Saturday, which included bouldering on the wall with a tennis ball in one hand to increase difficulty. Campers also had time to practice around the world, which they must complete to be in the medal meet. Around the world is the hardest route in the wall. 
Thank you for sharing your daughters with Camp Nakanawa this summer!
Your Junior Counselors
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