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October 12, 2022
fall leaves on campus
Dear students,
Welcome back from fall break. Wherever you were, we hope you had time to recharge and reflect a bit.
As we enter the second half of the semester, you may have found a groove. But it’s also possible you’re hitting some speed bumps, such as a conflict with a roommate or friend, an awkward situation in class or at work, or a more significant concern and you're not sure where to turn for help. Did you know Duke has a free, confidential resource to help you navigate all kinds of situations like this?
The Student Ombuds Office provides impartial and informal conflict-management services to all Duke students (outside the School of Medicine). They’re a confidential sounding board to talk through your concerns and learn about available resources, both on and off campus. More information can be found below – just scroll down to learn more.
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See you on campus soon!
Go Duke,
Gary Bennett, Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education
Mary Pat McMahon, Vice Provost of Student Affairs

Quad High Table Dinners

High Table is a new student-led initiative at Duke that creates a space for Quad communities to eat together at least one night a week in the Brodhead Center. Your peers are taking an activity that you are already doing (eating dinner) and making it possible to do that together as Quads. After buying your meal from any of the vendors in BC, join your Quads in the second floor space above JB’s and Skillet to eat as a community, share stories from the week, hear about each other’s lives, and experience an opportunity to meet fellow Quad members you might not already know.
This event is different from most at Duke - it is not catered or themed, you don’t have to apply to attend or RSVP, and you don’t have to know anyone in your Quad in order to join.

Quad High Table Dinners Schedule

Second Floor lookout space above JB’s and Skillet in the Brodhead Center.
MONDAYS (7PM - 9PM) Few Quad, Kilgo Quad, Keohane Quad
TUESDAYS (7PM - 9PM) Craven Quad, Crowell Quad
WEDNESDAYS (7PM - 9PM) Edens Quad, Wannamaker Quad
fall leaves on campus

Connection Project Retreat

At the Connection Project Retreat, first-year students will build and strengthen new and existing relationships and connect with fellow first-year students. This free event is on Saturday, October 22, from 10am - 4pm in the Duke Coffeehouse in Crowell on East Campus, and includes breakfast and lunch. For more information and full details, visit DukeGroups

Office of the Ombud

Meet Keegan Cary, Duke Student Ombud.
You can’t always control when conflict arises. But when it does, we’re here to help you navigate conflict in a healthy, productive way.
Duke’s new Office of the Ombuds provides informal conflict-management services to the Duke community. As the student ombuds*, Keegan Cary can be a first stop for whatever situation you’re navigating – whether you’re dealing with interpersonal conflict, an issue in the workplace or classroom, or something else.
Keegan can help you identify available resources, assess your options, strategize plans of action, and build conflict management skills – all while maintaining your confidentiality. No matter what your work together looks like, it will be rooted in these four principles:
CONFIDENTIALITY: All communication is held in strict confidence to the maximum extent.
IMPARTIALITY: An ombuds is a designated neutral party and does not advocate for any individual, group, or outcome.
INFORMALITY: The ombuds is a voluntary, off-the-record resource. Contacting the ombuds does not notify the university.
INDEPENDENCE: The ombuds isn’t affiliated with any other unit or department at Duke.
To schedule a consultation with Keegan, contact the Office of the Ombuds by calling (919) 613-2736 or email ombuds@duke.edu. You can also check out their website to learn more about the role of the ombuds.
*For post-doctoral appointees and medical students at the School of Medicine, your student ombuds is Dr. Jean Spaulding (ombudsman@mc.duke.edu).
*For post-doctoral appointees and students at the School of Medicine, your student ombuds is Dr. Jean Spaulding (ombudsman@mc.duke.edu).

Catalyst x Spark Strength Debriefs

Do you know your strengths and weaknesses? Being aware of what you bring to the table with confidence and what your areas of growth are can set you apart from others! In collaboration with Sophomore Spark, Duke Catalyst wants to help you elevate your potential to compete for your dream career by giving you the language, connections, and resources.
Take a Strengths Profile Assessment and sign up for a Fall Semester Debrief with our Catalyst and Spark Fellows to learn more about how you can use your strengths in decision-making, resume building, or interviewing. Apply here.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Every October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month and the security teams for the Office of Information Technology (OIT) and Duke Health Technology Solutions (DHTS) jointly work to raise awareness and offer prizes (up to $250) throughout the month when students complete various challenges. Learn more here.
The Duke Security Challenge allows students to log in to see your initial score and steps you can take to qualify for multiple drawings for prizes during October, including two Grand Prizes. This challenge also has a simulated phishing program designed to educate our users on recognizing and reporting suspected phishing attacks. Click here for more information on how to take the Duke Security Challenge. 

Family Weekend (This Weekend) 2022

Duke Family Weekend is Friday, October 14 - Sunday, October 16.
Family Weekend programming and events will include academic lectures by some of our most distinguished faculty, information sessions for signature Duke support services and co-curricular opportunities, a series of tours and other ways for you and members of your family to experience elements of student life at Duke, and a home football game against UNC! 
Click here to see the full schedule of events, helpful information, and registration details.
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Meaningful Inclusion Focus Group Research Study 

Student Affairs at Duke is currently recruiting students to participate in focus groups to better understand experiences regarding equity and access to Student Affairs programs, services, and resources. We are also keenly interested in hearing about these experiences through the multiple identities with which you identify. If you would like to learn more about this unique opportunity or express interest in participating, please click here.
Focus groups will take place the weeks of October 17 and 24.
Additionally, we are happy to visit student meetings or classes to briefly discuss this study and answer questions folks might have, or speak with you and/or others as well. To arrange a visit, please feel free to contact us by emailing assessment@studentaffairs.duke.edu.

Now Is the Time to Make Your Plan to Vote!

As a Duke student, you are allowed to register to vote in either your home state or North Carolina. Voting early - by mail or in person - employwers you to vote when it works best with your schedule. As a student, you never know when a last-minute assignment will come up. Early voting lets you vote on your own time (and you still get an "I Voted" sticker)!
If you do nothing else, visit the Duke Votes website for all information about voting at Duke.