ARE Update
In this issue: Schedule a 30-minute test run with Prometric, NCARB confirms all exam content includes gender-neutral language, and progress with addressing tech issues.
Schedule Your Free Test Run Appointment
Do you have an upcoming online-proctored exam or are you curious about the online proctoring experience? We’ve launched a test run resource with Prometric, so you can confirm your computer and testing space meet the requirements for online testing. 
To schedule your free, 30-minute trial appointment, navigate to the “Exam Overview” page in your NCARB Record. Before launching your test run appointment, here are a few tips to keep in mind:
  • The test run will help identify any issues with your setup, so treat this appointment as a “real” exam—meaning you need a clean desk, no one else can be in the room, etc.
  • Be prepared to use the same tech and room setup that you’ll use for your actual appointment. Review our Online Proctoring Requirements document for details.
  • Connect to the internet via ethernet during your appointment, not WiFi. You’ll also need a minimum of 3 mbps of dedicated bandwidth to support the exam.
  • When testing online, microphones must be enabled at all times, and headphones or headsets are not allowed.
  • Before your test run, confirm that your computer meets NCARB and Prometric’s minimum system requirements, including the latest web browser and an external webcam. 
Gender-Neutral Language in the ARE and NCARB’s Study Resources
NCARB is committed to fostering an inclusive environment for our community, and this extends to the programs we develop and administer. Since before 2016, NCARB has used non-gendered language and titles on the ARE (ex. the architect is contacted by the owner). We recently completed an additional review to ensure all exam questions and study resources only use gender-neutral language.

You may see questions that use “they” or “them” as a gender-neutral pronoun, but you won’t see references to ze/zirs, she/her, or he/him. When testing, licensure candidates should interpret the question from the perspective of the architect and answer each question accordingly.

We have reviewed reference materials, such as code sections and practice documents provided by other national associations, that are incorporated into the ARE. NCARB is committed to working with these organizations to identify and update the language in their materials.

While NCARB does not control third-party test prep providers, we are asking all ARE test prep providers to update their materials with equal gender-neutral language. NCARB will be reviewing all future Approved Test Prep Provider materials to strongly encourage inclusive language throughout. 
Tech Issues Update
NCARB and our test delivery partners, Prometric and Zoomorphix, continue to address technical issues for both in-person and online exams. The overall proportion of candidates reporting tech issues is down to 10% overall (same as in March)—but we still have work to do.

We’re actively completing quality assurance reviews of Zoomorphix and Prometric updates that should improve the overall performance of the ARE and will be deployed later this month. Also, the majority of exam administrations (approximately 72%) continue to be delivered at Prometric centers, while the remaining 28% are taken online.
Illustration of three cogs representing overall, online and onsite reporting of technical issues.
If you experience a technical issue, immediately notify your proctor and then contact NCARB within 15 days. Remember, If you’re unable to complete the exam due to a major technical issue, we will work with you to reschedule the division at no cost.

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