Come dressed in your best costume for Trunks, Treats & More on Saturday!
Come dressed in your best costume for Trunks, Treats & More on Saturday!
Hello Church!
So this week Pastor Jenn asked if I would write the Weekly Update about how inviting someone to St. Luke’s has been transformational to me. And truthfully I do not know if I am the right person for the task.
First, you should all get a little background on me. I grew up in the church, specifically the Southern Baptist Church. And let me tell you the “E-word” (evangelism) was not only something I was raised around, it was as if at the gates of heaven there would be a giant tally board like the Jerry’s Kid Labor Day telethon that would roll out the number of people I had asked to come to church who had “found salvation” before I was allowed to approach the throne of God! Monday night was “visitation night.” And though I am a people person at heart, the thought of what I have named Cold Calls for Christ made me more than a little nauseous!
For a long time, my experience within the church I grew up in and being marginalized by that church because of who I am, put the E-word completely off the grid for me. Because now the dirty word was the And I assure you I am not alone in that especially in the LGBTQ+ community.
However, St. Luke’s and my experience as a St. Luker has changed all of that. The thing I was missing in the C-word (church) was a home and family that truly takes me in just as I am and allows me to live into the gifts God has given me and to fully be a part of such an exciting place that is doing so much good in the world like St. Luke’s. And the thing I was missing years ago in the pursuit of inviting people to church when I was growing up was that I was missing the point of it altogether. It’s not a pursuit of anything at all. It is about sharing something wonderful in your life with the people in your life. It isn’t about how many people I can get in the pews or chairs. It is about offering a place of community and love and grace to anyone who needs it.
Still sounds daunting?? Well let me tell you my secret... 
St. Luke's in Review

St. Lukers Spread Love

Last weekend, St. Lukers, friends, allys, and pastors gathered to show support for our LGBTQA+ brothers and sisters at Come Out With Pride. Thank you to all who came to the event, marched in the parade, helped with the event booth, and represented St. Luke's!
As a church, we desire to explore new approaches in ministry to marginalized youth. St. Luke's has received a $10,000 grant from The Missing Voices Project (funded by Lilly Endowment) to focus specifically on LGBTQA+ youth. To learn more about The Missing Voices Project click the button below, or contact Brandon Sangster.

Painting in the Patch

This week, St. Lukers and friends expressed their creativity by painting pumpkins in the Patch with the help of professional artist Adrienne Lee! Thank you to everyone who attended and made beautiful pumpkin art!
Looking Ahead at St. Luke's
Pre-register for event wristbands by clicking the button below, and skip the line on Saturday.
New to Trunks this year: Candy, Sweets & Musical Treats Concert at 7:00 p.m. in the Sanctuary, featuring the St. Luke's Children's Choir, Youth Choir, and Handbell Choir, and John R. Mason, III on the organ!
Stop by the ZOE table in Santos Welcome Hall on Sunday mornings to purchase Shares of Hope, so a new empowerment group of 60-100 children in Zimbabwe can overcome life-threatening poverty.
Sign up to volunteer for a shift in the Patch by
clicking the button below:
Can you think of someone who built you up by saying “I believe in you! You can do this!” Do you want to pay it forward and be an ally for somebody else? The Circles program in East Winter Garden is a great place to build a cross-cultural community, and to learn from one another while walking alongside a low-income family, encouraging them to achieve their goals.
Join the community of Circles today to be 1 of 40 allies. To learn more, click the button below, or contact Amy Winslow.
Support youth nutrition classes in East Winter Garden by attending a fun, educational, and healthy holiday demonstration cooking class lead by vegan Chef Sandi Morais. The Holiday Side Dish class is on Saturday, November 2 ($30 per adult), and the Dessert class is Saturday, December 7 ($35 per adult) from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the Building C Kitchen. Children (ages 12-16) are $25 per child, per class. Space is limited, so click the button below to register by October 21.
Click the button below to purchase tickets for "Wonder," St. Luke's Christmas Concert experience, starting Saturday, October 19.
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