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Namesake Lizzy Ordway and Principal Reynvaan
Dear Ordway Families,

I hope that each of you has had the opportunity to enjoy the warm, sunny days of August! Our family started a garden this year and it has taught us a lot. Planting sunflowers, strawberries, tomatoes, and pumpkins brought us joy and appreciation when we were able to watch them grow and thrive. When a mama deer and her two fawns feasted on our hearty bounty in the middle of the night, our joy turned into surprise and then sadness.  With all of the ups and downs we experienced through the process, we were able to reflect on what we would do differently next time (fencing) and also realized the gratitude we had for the small plant nubs that had enough resilience to grow back.  

With all the preparation that this time of year brings, we are all persevering through additional challenges different than any school year start we have experienced before. Families and staff are all experiencing the ups and downs of being a part of a community we are needing to connect to, while having to stay safe and enjoy getting to know each other at a distance. With that in mind, setting aside time for self care and reflection is important as we gear up for a return to school in the coming weeks.The following information is one of many communications you will receive each week  to help answer questions you have about the start of the 2020/2021 school year.

Plans for Fall 2020 

The staff and I are so excited to start the year off with our Ordway otters! We are especially grateful for the training and preparation that has taken place this summer to set all classrooms up for Continuous Learning 2.0 implementation this fall. There is a lot of information that has been provided by the District about this at it’s CL 2.0 Q&A site for families to review.

Continuous Learning Schedule

For the first nine weeks of school, students will have the following school schedule: 

Grades K-4 Monday-Thursday: 7:50 a.m. to 2:20 p.m.

Early Release Fridays: 7:50 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
The following is an example of a daily schedule:
This is meant to give you an idea of what a day may look like for your child. This schedule does not mean that students will be in front of a computer screen for the entire day. The day will be a mix of some two-way instruction, referred to as synchronous learning (e.g. interactive Zoom meetings) and one-way instruction, known as asynchronous learning (e.g a pre-recorded lesson provided by a teacher). In addition, there will be built-in breaks, independent work time, small group work and specialists. 
Specialists/Early Release

Please also note that students will have “Specialist Camp” one week at a time with a day of PE to complete their 4-day week. This weekly camp approach is for students to have consistency and build upon projects or concepts several days in a row. We will not have specialist classes on Fridays, and Friday is now the early release day district-wide. Each Friday students will be “released” 90 minutes early, at 12:50 in order for us to provide time for teacher professional development.
As we move closer to the opening of school, I am reminded of how important the Ordway community is because of its amazing people.  As author Marcel Proust reminds us ““Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” Let’s continue to imagine and plan the endless possibilities we can provide our Ordway otters together.

Warmest regards,

Melinda Reynvaan

Additional Scheduling Information
for the Start of the 20-21 School Year
Material Distribution:  In order to provide hands-on-activities and paper/pencil tasks for our students, we plan to distribute materials on a regular basis (the frequency is yet to be determined-stay tuned!). 

Please note:
the schedule outlined in the principal letter is for our time in Continuous Learning. We will need to run a different schedule during the in-person hybrid model in order to accommodate AM/PM sessions and the time between each session for transportation and cleaning.  

Ordway Staff for the 20-21 School Year

Our Ordway staff are so excited to get started with the new school year. Attached is a list of our new and returning staff members.
Ordway Staff List 20-21

We are currently in the midst of placing all of our students into class sections for this upcoming year. We take great care in our placement process, which typically starts in early May. This year, we are tasked with creating balanced classes as we typically do (taking into consideration many factors such as gender balance, students with special education needs, students that work well together, etc) as well as creating AM/PM sections based upon geographical location on the island.  This is for transportation purposes and also to ensure that we have the correct number of students in each AM and PM section in order to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Your child will be placed into an AM or PM section, so that in the event we pivot to an in-person hybrid model, families will know which half of the day to plan for. The AM/PM sections combine to create one whole class section during this time of Continuous Learning. For example, a 2nd grade student may be assigned to the AM section of Ms. Burlingame’s class, but during continuous learning this student will be a part of Ms. Burlingame’s 2nd grade classroom, with all students participating together remotely throughout the day. 

Please note that we take placement very seriously and are doing all that we can to meet student needs while adhering to these new parameters. It is important to note that class placement will be final and we will not be able to make class placement changes.

Class placements will go live on Skyward after 4:00 pm on Thursday, August 27th.
On Thursday, Aug. 20, Friday, Aug. 21 and Monday, Aug. 24, we will set up a central location in the Commodore parking lot located off High School Road (between Commodore and BHS). This area is referred to as the “Pit”. This location is for all BISD students regardless of their grade or school. We will be using COVID-19 safety protocols and require that all families wear masks and maintain a minimum of 6-foot distance.

IMPORTANT:  Not all students are impacted, so please read carefully to see if your student is affected.
If your student:
Will be in Grade 2 and has a BISD iPad, please return the school iPad (with charger) and exchange it for their Chromebook

Will be in Grades 7, 10 (BHE-only), or 12 (BHS-only) , exchange the older Chromebook (with charger and case) for a new model

Is leaving Bainbridge Island School District, you must return all BISD equipment

Is experiencing technical problems with their BISD Chromebook or iPad, stop by our outdoor technical support desk for an inspection

To help manage traffic queues, we’ve created specific dates and times, based on the student’s LAST NAME. We ask that you try to work within this schedule, but if you can’t, it is permissible to use another time slot. 

After 8/24, please schedule an appointment for device return or device pick-up with the BISD Technology Department. You can reach us by calling 206-780-1668 or emailing us at helpdesk@bisd303.org.

We are currently working on a separate plan to deliver devices to NEW BISD students. We anticipate having that plan in place by next week and will follow up with a separate message.

Back to School Supply Lists

 We have put together a list by grade level, of items to have for your student(s) for Back to School. 
Back to School Supply List

Helpline House is offering Tools for School Aug. 17-28 from 12-4 p.m. (except not on Wednesdays).  

Tools for School bags include basic school supplies and a kid-sized face covering. One bag per student in each household is available to parents or guardians of pre-K to 12th graders. Info: https://www.helplinehouse.org/project-backpack
2 - FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL                    (GRADES1-4)