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You can help create a spot for a student
growing up with a college dream.

“I’ve always wanted to go to college, and when I got theletter, my whole life changed forever.” Ben, UCCS 2021 Grad
"Going to college is actually a really fun thing. It’s like freedom. I’ve learned how to be independent.” Vince, ACC 2021 Grad
We have made it through 2021 and what a year it has been! While much of the world has felt chaotic, one thing has remained the same: the passion with which individuals with intellectual disabilities are pursuing higher education in our state.

This year Colorado saw our second class of graduates of inclusive higher education. They are paving the way and pursuing jobs in their dream fields. Your support has made college graduation a reality in our state, thank you!

At this moment, there are 72 students with ID in college in our state (in 2016 there were only 11!). The number of applicants has now outpaced the spots available in Colorado. To meet the demand, it is time for more campuses to open their doors to students with ID. To make that possible, we need your help.
For our year end goal, we aim to raise $38,000. This amount creates one permanent pathway for individuals with intellectual disability to attend college in Colorado! If every person reading this gives $50-$250 we will be able to create a spot for a student who is growing up with a dream to attend college.

Please make your most generous gift to fuel our efforts into 2022! 

Happy New Year,

Tracy Murphy, Executive Director
Shelby Bates, Outreach Coordinator 
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2021 Graduates

Brad, ACC
Early Childhood Education
Brendan, UNC
Brewing Sciences
Caitlin, UCCS
Inclusive Early Childhood Edu
Dylan, ACC
Exercise Science
Dylan, UCCS
Criminal Justice
Isabelle, UNC
Katie, ACC
Early Childhood Education
Paige, UNC
Early Childhood Education
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