Learn how to make the most of every experience opportunity.
Learn how to make the most of every experience opportunity.
AXP Update
To complete the Architectural Experience Program® (AXP®), you have to earn 1,860 hours of experience under setting A—that’s work completed under the supervision of a U.S. or Canadian architect, while working for (and paid!) by a firm lawfully practicing architecture.

But did you know that you can earn up to half of your AXP experience through a variety of other work opportunities under setting O? Explore ways to earn AXP credit while working for a foreign architect, an interior designer, or on a construction site.
Explore Setting O

AXP Resources

NCARB has several free resources to help you navigate the AXP, including: 
AXP Guidelines
If you haven’t already, be sure to read the AXP Guidelines. This essential document outlines everything you need to know about the AXP, including experience requirements, an overview of the six practice areas, and the 96 tasks you need to be able to competently perform.
Licensure Progress Worksheet
Our Licensure Progress Worksheet was designed by members of NCARB’s Think Tank to help you make the most of check-ins with your AXP supervisor. Use the worksheet to help your supervisor better understand your licensure progress, goals, needs, and expectations.
Supervisor Training Videos
Whether your supervisor is new to helping candidates navigate the AXP or just wants a refresh, NCARB offers a suite of training videos to help AXP supervisors set up an account, review experience reports, and understand their role.
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