Taking advantage of summer, off-campus housing search tips
Taking advantage of summer, off-campus housing search tips
MARCH 2021, ISSUE NO. 13
Miami Family,
With warmer weather arriving in Oxford, your student may take breaks to enjoy the outdoors. As they progress towards the halfway point of the semester, encourage them to take time for themselves. Getting outside is a great option. Wellness Days are a great opportunity to rest, recharge, and plan their goals for the second half of the semester, even if they still have schoolwork to do.
This issue of Miami Family Focus includes information about summer opportunities available to students, as well as information about the off-campus housing search. As always, review previous issues of Miami Family Focus on our Stay in Touch page.
Love and Honor,
Nathan Flyzik
Graduate Assistant, Parent & Family Programs

Taking advantage of summer opportunities

The extended time students have away from classes during the summer provides opportunities not as easily accessible during the Fall and Spring. Options include shadowing professionals in a desired career field, volunteering, taking a class, and more. Now is a good time to start talking to your student about their summer plans, questions you may ask include:

Where will your student live?

Depending on your student's plans, they may live away from home or move back for the summer. If they will not be home for the summer, begin exploring options in the area they will be working. Is housing included as a part of their job or internship? If they are returning home for the summer, it is helpful to start conversations around schedules and ground rules. Students generally become more independent while at college, so building expectations together for when they return home acknowledges both of your boundaries and their experiences this year.  

Will your student take classes?

Miami offers summer classes, online and on campus, helping students progress toward their degree. Explore the Summer Term website for more information about options available through Miami. Many students take classes at institutions closer to home. Make sure they visit Transferology to find courses that will fulfill Miami degree requirements. Students can also send an email to the One Stop to verify equivalent courses at other colleges: transfercreditevaluation@MiamiOH.edu.  

What internships or jobs are available?

The Center for Career Exploration and Success offers a wealth of career planning resources for students and their families, which are worth an in-depth exploration. In addition to searching for an internship or job, students can work through the first phase of the career planning process by completing career assessments. You may also connect students with family members who have connections in the career or field that interests your student. Even a day of shadowing or an informal meeting (virtual or in-person) to chat about the career can be useful.

Tips for the off-campus housing search

Many first-years are starting to talk about off-campus housing for their third year at Miami. When starting the off-campus search, whether this semester or sometime later, there are several tips and resources available.
The City of Oxford has a site with information about rental properties in town. The page has a listing of approved rentals in the city, including property inspection status. Ohio law allows property owners to choose either exterior-only or full (interior and exterior) inspections. The City highly encourages full inspections. 
Once the list is narrowed, we encourage students to request and review a copy of the lease before a walkthrough of the actual property. Reviewing the lease provides more time to prepare questions before touring the property. One important aspect of the property to check is safety: working locks and latches on ALL windows and doors, working smoke detectors, etc. 
There are two common types of leases: joint and several liability leases and individual leases. Joint and several liability leases hold everyone on the lease accountable for the total amount of charges, even if one tenant moves out. Visit the Lease Signing page on our Off-Campus Outreach site and a February 2020 Student Life Blog post on this topic for more specific information about leases, common addendums, and other tips.
For more information on this topic, refer to December's Miami Family Focus.
Tips for Off-Campus Housing: No need to Rush, Know your Situation, Read Leases Carefully, Visit Before you Sign
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