Ordway Elementary Newsletter 
November 25, 2020

Principal | PTO News | Winter Weather

Dear Ordway Families,

We have a busy month ahead of us as staff prepare for a hybrid learning model to be implemented in January and families adjust to changes in winter traditions. December will be a time for us to practice flexibility with schedules and promote cooperation at school and at home.

Schedule Shift

Starting December 4th, Fridays will be an asynchronous learning day for all students across the District grades K-6. This is a part of the hybrid schedule that we are implementing now so that staff can prepare for the in-person hybrid instruction that is planned to take place in January. The schedule change will be implemented for all classes including 100% online and hybrid model classes as each class shares the same daily schedule and specialist rotation.

You will be hearing from your child’s teacher about the schedule and menu details for remote learning that will be offered on Fridays. Teachers are still planning to have a morning message or class meeting to kick off the day. They will also have office hours posted so that families will know in advance when a teacher is available to support students if they have questions about their remote tasks during the day.

Giving Choices to Promote Cooperation

As we say goodbye to November and hello to December, we can feel good about our focus on gratitude and turn to our new trait of the month - Cooperation.  With remote learning, we understand that it can be difficult to motivate and engage your child. Here are some tips from sources we have shared at parent nights that help to promote cooperation at home and avoid power struggles. 

In this unpredictable time, there are many things beyond our control. Just like us, children don’t like feeling out of control.  They like to have a say and to make decisions about their lives.  They want some power and when they are feeling powerless, they will fight for it.  This is when power struggles happen. 

When you give a child choices, you give them a sense of power.  When you give a child a few choices that you are okay with, then they are more likely to comply with your request.  They feel good about feeling in control and you feel good because your child is doing what you want them to.  It’s a win win. In doing this, keep in mind that there are 4 basic types of choices:

Concrete Choices:  “Do you want apple juice or milk for dinner?”
Playful Choices: “Do you want to run up the stairs to bed or do you want a piggyback ride?”
Choices with Incentives: “If you choose to clean your toys quickly, then you can have some play time on the tablet.”
Choices with Consequences: “You can choose to brush your teeth, or I can brush them for you.”

Each household has different parenting styles and expectations so make sure that you are okay with the choices you give.  What if a child keeps asking for something that’s not one of your choices? Be a broken record and tell her the two choices over and over again and don’t give in. If a child really won’t make a choice, then make it for her..

If you find that you are constantly having to make choices for your kids, then make sure that you give more choices throughout the day…even on stuff that doesn’t really matter. The shorter days and changes in winter traditions make this a difficult time for us all. Now is a good time to try giving lots and lots of choices and see what happens.  May December be a month of less power struggles, more cooperation,  and a happier family! (Faye, 2016)

Kind regards,

Melinda Reynvaan

Educational Effectiveness Survey 

Social-Emotional Screener

BISD is partnering with the Center for Educational Effectiveness (CEE) to administer the Educational Effectiveness Survey™ (EES) – Social-Emotional Screener to our families, students and staff. This survey will be open for families between November 16 -December 4th.  Emails with more information regarding this confidential and anonymous survey have been sent to families. Please take a moment to provide feedback to the district to help them gauge wellness of our families, what is needed for students to be successful in the current learning environment, and if any changes need to be made to support families. Thank you.
Thank you for coming to picture day last Friday, hosted by Olympic Photo Group! If you missed the opportunity to have your child's photo taken, a make up day will be held sometime in 2021.
Prepay for photos here:

Materials Pick up Friday December 4, 2020

Your teacher(s) will let you know if you have items to pick up.
  • Items can be found in the South Courtyard 7:30 am -6 pm.
  • This is Self -Serve: park in bus lane or school parking lot. Wear a mask and social distance.
  • There will be carts/boxes for you to place library returns or anything for the student’s teacher.  All materials including student work, cards, or letters, library books must come in a bag and will sit for 4 days during a quarantine period. 

Yearbook photo submissions. PTO is collecting photos for the 20-21 yearbook. Please provide photos of your child doing school away from school or other school related activities. Please submit your photos to ordway.secretary@bainbridgeptos.org  


we are adjusting our parameters when it comes to inclement weather and/or power outages and their impacts on the school day.
It’s important to note that because of the AM/PM Hybrid Schedule for in-person learning, we will not be utilizing one- or two-hour delays this year. 
In order to help families and staff facilitate planning, BISD will do its best to make the decision whether or not school will be in session as soon as possible. But as we’ve experienced in the past, Mother Nature can be unpredictable. Sometimes a decision cannot be made until the last minute.  
f there will be changes to the usual school day, we will communicate with you via our communication channels:
Mass notification via phone
Text (to those who are enrolled in our text alerts
On the BISD website
Via social media

SNOW (with accumulation)

During Continuous Learning (remote learning) and 100% Online Learning

It remains a typical day of Continuous Learning and 100% Online Learning

No in-person services for those students who access BISD sites; they will access their learning in a Continuous Learning environment

BISD Facilities closed for after school interscholastic activities and outside rentals and reservation

This will count as a school day and thus, BISD will not be required to make it up at the end of the school year

We will communicate with you via our usual channels

SNOW (with accumulation) During In-Person Learning

No in-person learning. Instead, students will access their learning via the asynchronous materials posted by teacher(s)

If applicable, a decision will be made by noon regarding extracurricular activities

This will count as a school day and thus, BISD will not be required to make it up at the end of the school year

We will communicate with you via our usual channels

POWER OUTAGES During Continuous Learning (remote learning) & 100% Online Learning

BISD will work with Puget Sound Energy to determine how wide-spread the power outage is; if it is determined that the power will not be restored to the majority of the island by 9:30 a.m., it will be a non-school day

BISD facilities closed

This will not count as a school day and BISD may be required to make-up the day at the end of the school year

We will communicate with you via our usual channels  

POWER OUTAGES During In-Person Learning

The decision will be made on a case by case basis and included in the decision will be whether or not Puget Sound Energy predicts the school will be without power for the majority of the day. A decision about the feasibility of transitioning to asynchronous learning for the day will be assessed. If not feasible due to a wide-spread lack of power, school may be canceled for the impacted building(s). 

BISD would need to apply for a waiver to the state for the missed day(s); if the waiver is not granted, the impacted school(s) may be required to make-up the day(s) at the end of the school year

We will communicate with the impacted families and staff via our usual channels

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