PSA 2020-What's New
PSA 2020-What's New
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        Featured Artist: Jackie Steimke
 "PICASSO’S MUSE"  fused glass 12x12   by Jackie Steimke
Ever wonder where Picasso had got the concept  for a painting? Well, from his muse. This is Picasso’s Muse.
I took a sabbatical from glass for awhile, but found that I could not stay away from it too long. The urge to create and work with color, and of course whimsy, overcame me and now I am back! 

                                                       Jackie Steimke      Photo by Bruce Burr
 Dear PSA Members,
My best to you, your familes and your studio practice, as we endure the pandemic challenges. Please stay in touch with other members, particularly those who are alone.
Consider joining the PSA Members Only fb group. 
Our current online exhibition has been extended to September 20th, so invite your  patrons to visit this exciting exhibition. The printed catalog, created by Leah Knecht and Larry Rodgers, is excellent!

NEXT PSA BOARD MEETING:  September 12th at a private residence. 
Due to the pandemic, attendance will be limited to board members.
If you have any comments or concerns about PSA, please contact me or any board members, before the meeting. 

Here is a tentative agenda:
Budget Review, Jeanne Ward Grant, Exhibitions Committee “remodeling,” discussion of our website profiles becoming a new PSA Fine Art Gallery, the 95th Annual Juried Exhibition, a Watercolor / Gouache Exhibition, Update on October Library show, PSA Art Director and Graphics responsibility with PSA, Communications Committee members,  Digital New Member Screening, Centennial Planning, Educational Programs during COVID-19, PSA logo, 2020 PSA elections, and discussion about a community proposal (not PSA) for an art park in Charles White Park, Altadena.

The Board needs to reorganize the Exhibitions Committee, or “Council,” depending on what we call it. Thanks to you who are on the Venue Search Task Force. It is my opinion that the Exhibitions Committee, chaired by the Vice President of Exhibitions, could be more distinctive, like a "Council". The "Council" could invite professional consultants within the art community. This group of PSA members would collaborate on all major decisions regarding exhibitions: juror, venue, theme, etc. Thanks to Larry Rodgers, we have exhibition Guidelines, but we do not have policies for exhibitions management by volunteers. For the most part, the Board has served as Exhibitions committee, along with or without a Chair of Exhibitions Committee. Read the Bylaws on our website to understand better. The bottom line is that PSA must have a transparent and collaborative team structure for all who participate in designing and installing our exhibitions.
Many of you have design, graphics, and management skills, which I would like to see influence the PSA brand. Please take a look at our PSA logo (please see image below), and color styles, both which I feel are outdated. The Board will discuss and possibly approve a logo competition among members. 
Please send your concerns about the Board meeting agenda to me or any board member before September 12th. 

Victor Picou, PSA President
Elections are taking place at the end of the year for the upcoming PSA Board.  All positions are open.  They include President, Executive Vice President, Vice President -- Exhibitions, Treasurer, and Secretary.   Each position is a three-year term which begins in January 2021.  Candidate nominations are encouraged. 
Please contact Robert Crook at
The following is about the summer “Art Supplies For Kids” Donation Campaign.

The Art Supplies for Kids summer campaign was a total success thanks to members and the public.  The art supplies have been delivered to Homes of Hope in West Covina and distributed to all interested children in their care.  This has made a big difference in the daily lives of the children.  Now it is time to look forward and begin raising donations for the 2020 holiday version of Art Supplies for Kids.  Between now and November let’s continue to donate new art supplies or money to go towards the purchase of watercolor kits, crayons, coloring books, sketch books, painting supplies and more. 

A big Thank You to everyone that supported the summer campaign. 
Larry Rodgers and Alice Dworkin

Here’s the latest from the Exhibition Committee:
“Virtual PSA Version 2020.07.20” has been extended for an additional month.  
To view the exhibition use this web address:   
The printed catalog is also available to order at this web address:

Looking to the near future, the 95th Annual Juried Exhibition is in the final planning stage.  The Exhibition Committee is looking to have a traditional gallery installation at White’s Fine Art Gallery in Montrose concurrent with an online version.  The take-in and jury process will be digital using Smart Sheets and a previously nominated outside juror.  There is the possibility of producing a print catalog as well.  More information will be forthcoming after the September Board of Directors meeting.

“Artistic Exploration 2D & 3D,”  the exhibition planned for October at the Pasadena Central Library, may or may not happen.  It will depend upon whether the library is open and if they choose to honor PSA’s approved application for the exhibition.  Just a reminder, this is a FREE exhibition with no artist statement required.  PSA has 14 of the 16 display cases reserved for artwork.  There should be additional information by mid-September.

The Exhibition Committee is looking into offering an online exhibition later this year.  It could be a media-specific exhibition featuring watercolor and gouache, as suggested by President Picou.  It would be a digital submission process (Smart Sheets) with the possibility of a print catalog.  More information will be forthcoming after the September Board of Directors meeting.

The Exhibition Committee is actively seeking an Exhibition Committee Chair.  This position is responsible for all aspects of Exhibition Committee activities and reports to the Vice President, Exhibitions.  This is a collaborative postion working with the individual exhibition chairs and the Vice President.  In addition, the Exhibition Committee is seeking volunteers that want to be a Chair for a specific exhibition.  This position is responsible for all activities related to a specific exhibition and reports to the Exhibition Committee Chair.  This also is a collaborative position working with the Committee Chair and volunteers that form the committee supporting a specific exhibition.  There are several Exhibition Chair positions available.  The Exhibition Committee Chair position is a long-term committment.  The Exhibition Chair positions are usually a couple of months of activity once a year.  If you are interested in any of these positions please contact the Exhibition Committee at  

Looking forward to 2021, several exhibitions, both traditional and online, are in the planning stage.  PSA will continue to exhibit members’ artwork as frequently as possible while adapting to the continuing changes in society.

Thanks everybody.
Lawrence D. Rodgers and The Exhibition Committee


Faced with the unparalleled challenges of hosting exhibitions during COVID, PSA has embraced the 21st century with our inaugural digital exhibition “PSA Virtual Version 7.20.20” and its companion Exhibition Catalog. 

We all miss our meetings and the inspiring and educational programs.  
So, let’s continue our adventure into the 21st Century and create and post short art technique and how-to videos on our website.  

Do you already have an art technique video you’d like to share?

Do you have an idea for a video you would like to create, but don’t have the technical skills to shoot and edit?

Do you have experience shooting and editing short videos?

We are all talented artists and have a lot to share. 
For example, how does Vic chisel and grind the stone to make his beautiful sculptures? 
How do I work in hot, melted encaustic (wax)? 
How does Rebecca create her prints? 
What is Debbi’s technique for creating her layered photography and scanography?  
How does Larry arrange a lighting set-up for photographing art works?  

What would YOU like to share with the group?  
What would YOU like to see?
If we have enough interest, ideas and volunteers, we will start a new committee to create these videos to share with the PSA community.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you. 
Rhonda Raulston
September 2020 Member News

I know you've got art at home that you'd like fellow members and the general public (the PSA non-member email list) to see!  Please send it to me so I can put it out there using the PSA Member News, now a weekly publication!  Remember, this is a FREE opportunity.

I will post up to four artists every week, first come first served.  Using the form on the PSA website, located in the “Members Only” section, send a photo of your artwork, its title, dimensions and artist contact info.  (Use any of the required fields for this.)  If you want to include some very brief thoughts (like two sentences) in one of the fields about the piece of art, I can include that too.  All the fields need to be filled for the form to send, so just type a few nonsense letters in those.

The email will go out once a week to all PSA Members and the non-members list.

So simple, so easy, so take advantage of this ongoing opportunity today!

I expect to see your artwork real soon!

Mims Ellis and the Exhibition Committee
Membership Dues

If you have already paid for this year, Thank you!

Membership dues for January 1- December 31, 2020  - $75.00.
You can pay online on the "Members Only" page of the PSA website

OR   You can send a check, payable to PSA and mail it to P.O. Box 90074, Pasadena, CA  91109.

Remember that you must current with your dues in order to participate in exhibitions.

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