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Special Edition
  Call For Entry
 PSA Photo Contest.

This contest is for PSA members only.

How about a free chance to show off your photography skills and win a 2021 PSA membership? Any recent photo that inspires and excites, is acceptable.  It is said a picture, an inspirational/exciting picture is worth a thousand words.  In this case that inspirational/exciting picture is worth $75.00.  That is PSA membership dues for 2021.

Submit up to three recent photographs.  All PSA members can participate.  Membership dues must be current through 2020.

The winner will be notified after January 9, 2021. 

Submissions will be accepted via Smart Sheets starting Monday, December 28, 2020. 

Entries can be up to three (3) images, JPG format, file size about 3MB please.  Entries need to include your name and contact information only.

The jurors are PSA members Debbi Swanson Patrick and Kathleen Swaydan.

All entries will be published in the January newsletter.

So get out there and start snapping some inspirational/exciting pictures for everyone to enjoy. 

The Exhibition Committee

‘TRANSITIONS’     photo by Victor Picou
The leaves of 2020 have lived their cycle next to the bright red berries for life in 2021. Let’s align our dreams, our loves and our lives. Earth, Jupiter and Saturn have set an example of splendor. 

"Share Experience"  Entries for Newsletter
I would like to invite all members to share their own experience and join Victor Picou's "member publication that would reveal the impact of 2020 on our art."

If you have stories to share, please send them to and we will (with your consent) include your experience in the next newsletter.

Thank you,

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