Register today for Student Supervision PD!
Register today for Student Supervision PD!
Greetings, Supervisors of Student Staff!

Ready to strengthen your supervision skills? Are you seeking new or better ways to support your student staff members' growth and educational experience through their work with you? Career and Employment Services is excited to offer our inaugural Student Supervisor Professional Development Series this fall. Please join us for one, a few, or all of our upcoming sessions!
Would you like to:
  • Support students' career development process while benefitting your department?
  • Dive into the basics and connect with other supervisors to share tips and best practices?
  • Communicate more effectively with your student staff members and help them navigate change?
  • Empower students to make decisions and build confidence?
Read on for this Fall's offerings and information about how to register!
Compass Puget Sound Supervisor Training
Facilitated by Elizabeth Wormsbecker, Assistant Director of Student Employment Programs, Training, and Development and Maya Herran, CES Operations, Programs, and Events Manager
Thursday, Sept. 23, 10 a.m. McCormick Room (Library 303)
Compass Puget Sound is an award-winning program of brief, structured, reflective conversations between student staff members and their supervisors. These conversations are designed to help students connect the skills and knowledge they gain at work with their classroom experiences, co-curricular activities, and career goals. 
At Puget Sound, these reflective conversations are also causing students to increase their level of engagement in their on-campus jobs — having a positive impact on students’ experience while benefitting departments who’ve adopted the practice.

This session will introduce you to Compass Puget Sound and equip you with strategies and skills to facilitate meaningful reflection with students. There will also be time to plan and discuss how to work conversations into the structure of your particular work environment.  
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Student Staff Hiring & Supervision 101
Facilitated by Elizabeth Wormsbecker, Assistant Director of Student Employment Programs, Training, and Development
Thursday, Oct. 7, 1 p.m. │ Murray Boardroom (Wheelock Student Center 108)
Looking for tools to help you interview or orient student staff members to your department? Have you worried that you're missing hiring timelines? Perhaps you haven’t had time to dig in to all of the information available about student staff supervision... 

Take this opportunity to gather with other supervisors — including those who are new to supervision and those who’ve been in the game for a while. We'll discuss everything from interviewing, hiring, and establishing (or re-establishing) expectations with students, to navigating processes and timelines that are unique to student employment at Puget Sound.
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Motivational Interviewing 101 for Student Supervisors
Facilitated by Maya Herran, CES Operations, Programs, and Events Manager
Tuesday, Oct. 26, 10 a.m. │ Murray Boardroom (Wheelock Student Center 108)
Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a “collaborative conversation style for strengthening a person’s motivation for and commitment to change” (Miller and Rollnick, 2013). Developed by William Miller & Stephen Rollnick, MI was originally used with clients who had alcohol and other substance use problems.
In the past two decades, MI has been adopted for use in many other settings — particularly in supporting individuals to make a lifestyle change — and has increasingly been used in higher education and student support environments.

Motivational Interviewing has myriad applications. Here are a few contexts where MI could support within your role as a supervisor of student staff:
  • Accountability conversations about students arriving late to work or having trouble following through on commitments and needing to make a change in performance
  • Discussions about what’s next — exploring how a student's current experience applies to their future goals
  • Navigation of common transition challenges that might be impacting all aspects of life, including work, such as managing personal relationships, making difficult decisions, or feeling overwhelmed by coursework. 
Motivational Interviewing framework and strategies will help you to be a better communicator and supervisor overall — to hear your student staff fully and to respond intentionally.

Join this session to learn the basics of MI and four strategies to implement it in your conversations. We’ll build in time to practice and identify contexts in your specific work setting where these tools could be beneficial.
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The ABC's in Student Supervision: Agency, Balance, and Confidence
Facilitated by Christy Fisher, Director of Rights & Responsibilities
Tuesday, Nov. 9, 10 a.m. │ Murray Boardroom (Wheelock Student Center 108)
One of the most satisfying aspects of being a supervisor is empowering students to make decisions, try new things, and make mistakes. An employment experience that allows for students to see their work soar or plummet (generally with low stakes) is an important aspect of student development.    

In this session, we will talk about scaffolding and pacing a student employment experience that allows students to build their agency and confidence, while balancing the development of skills and completion of tasks. These building blocks of student employment are what allow students to have the skills to take risks, try out new programs, or implement a new process to complete projects.
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We can't wait to share with you what we've prepared this fall, and look forward to connecting with you at these sessions!
Elizabeth Wormsbecker '05
Assistant Director of Student Employment Programs, Training, and Development

Career and Employment Services