January 2022
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January 28-29, 2022
The following are the instructions for members interested in observing upcoming GAE Board of Directors Meetings. 
Access to the meetings will be for observance only.  Links to access are:
Membership will be verified so please use your full name (not just initials) on the registration.
Board meeting times will be until business is completed.
NOTE: If meetings enter Executive Session (ES), all observers will be placed in the waiting room until ES is over. 
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Legal Services News
Federal Court Gives Green Light To Voter Suppression Lawsuit
A federal judge gave the green light to a lawsuit challenging Georgia’s “Election Integrity Act of 2021.” The lawsuit was filed after Governor Brian Kemp signed SB 202 into law on March 25, 2021.
GAE supports the suit as an organization committed to democracy, equality, and inclusivity. We celebrate Brown v. Board of Education (1954) and the Voting Rights Act (1965). We believe public education is necessary to prepare citizens to participate effectively and intelligently in our political system to preserve freedom and independence. “Attempts to undermine citizen-voter rights undermines the very purpose of public education. Public education is what makes us uniquely American,” said GAE General Counsel Mike McGonigle.

The lawsuit challenges provisions that hyper-regulate Georgia election processes ranging from absentee ballot voting to out-of-precinct and in-person voting. The suit alleges that SB 202 violates the Voting Rights Act, the Americans With Disabilities Act, and the Rehabilitation Act by placing undue burdens on the right to vote, discriminating on the basis of race and disability, immaterial voting requirements, and infringements on free speech. Motions to dismiss the suit were filed by Governor Brian Kemp, several county defendants, and intervenor defendants including the National Republican National Committee Party and the Georgia Republican Party. You can read the Court’s decision here - AME v. Kemp - Order Denying MTDs
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GAE Election Timelines
Coming Deadlines
February 1 and 15

As part of the democratic processes with our association, several elections are held throughout the year to choose our state-level leadership. Listed on the flier are the timelines and procedures for every election throughout the year. Please review carefully. While you will receive notifications of these elections as they approach, this serves as a SAVE THE DATE guide to help you prepare to run or support candidates for office.
Nomination Form: NEA Delegate to the '22 NEA RA
Nomination Form:
GAE-Retired Delegate to the '22 GAE Spring RA

Key Information for Members
Whose Doctors Are Through Northside

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GAE Presents:
Member Benefit Webinars w/ Aaron Warner

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What are Georgia Association of Educators Foundation, Inc. Scholarships?
The Georgia Association of Educators Foundation, Inc. exists to provide enhanced educational opportunities for every student by training, developing, and empowering Georgia’s public school educators.
As part of this mission, the GAE Foundation provides scholarships and grants each year to future teachers, Georgia certified educators, and education support professionals who are either embarking on a career in education, who are continuing their professional growth, or who are creating innovative classroom programs. So, if you want to make a difference in the life of a student, the GAE Foundation wants to help you achieve your goal. 
  • Certified Educators Scholarship Advanced Degree
  • Best Practice Grant
  • National Board Certification Scholarship
  • National Board Certification for the Advanced Candidate (Re-take) Scholarship
  • National Board Certification Renewal Scholarship
  • Scholarship for Education Support Professionals
  •  College Junior/Senior Scholarship for Future Teachers
  • High School Senior Scholarship for Future Teachers
 Visit the GAE Foundation, Inc. Scholarships & Grants page: www.gae.org/grants
The GACE tests establish areas of basic skills competency and content certification, where applicable. The GAE Teacher Licensing Support Program helps prepare participants [professional and paraprofessional] for required Georgia [PSC] licensing tests. The Program is a comprehensive Web-based Preparation Study Course.
GAE knows that it is important that future teachers meet the requirements to obtain certification to teach, which includes earning a passing score on the Georgia Assessment for Certification of Educators (GACE).  For the last 20 years, GAE has offered workshops to help members prepare for the all-important GACE tests and is in planning to continue to offer those options.
For more information, please contact GAE UniServ Director Skylar Nunley.

Additional GAE
Professional Development Offerings

To set up a workshop or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact GAE UniServ Director Skylar Nunley or 678-837-1144.

Nominate Now for the the Annie E. Hutchinson ESP of the Year Award

The Georgia Association of Educators values the importance of ESPs and recognizes the GAE ESP of the Year at the GAE Representative Assembly who then becomes the GAE nominee for the NEA ESP of the Year Award.  The purpose of the award is to recognize an individual who shows outstanding
accomplishments in the following areas:
• Professional Practice
• Advocacy and Association Involvement
• Community Engagement
• Personal Achievement
• Enhancement of ESP Image
All nominations must be mailed and postmarked no later than January 31, 2022
From GAE-Retired 
If you are approaching retirement or have already taken the leap, remember that in order to maintain your valuable benefits from GAE and NEA, you must maintain your membership.  You can join GAE/NEA - Retired either on an annual basis or lifetime basis for one flat fee. Please contact GAE - Retired President Toni Smith at president.gae.retired@gmail.com for more information.

From NEA Member Benefits

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Every Wednesday please wear RED in a show of solidarity among educators and education support professionals. It’s not about the R or the D, but the E – EDUCATION! Take pics, post them and send to getinvolved@gae.org.  Use hashtag #Redfored.

AAA Offer
NEAMB Magazine Offer
From NEA Member Benefits!
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Plan to Attend Special
Atlanta Hawks Educators Nights!

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