Stack Facts #2107
Temporary Routing for MEM – LA and OAK on the BNSF
Dear Valued Customer,

XPO is pleased to be able to offer a temporary BNSF routing solution out of the Memphis market into only Los Angeles and Oakland, due to bridge closures in Memphis/Marion.

If you are currently operating under a SPQ, please contact Travis Wray at travis.wray@xpo.com for an updated quote number for this routing.

If you are wanting to use the FAK pricing, please utilize the quote number C0100044 for these two lanes.  You will need to send a copy of the manual tender to the railbilling team, at railbilling@xpo.com as XPO will need to manually enter this to the BNSF website to obtain billing.  Please be reminded that per Stacktrain rules and regulations, the Railbilling team has 2 hours for entry of non-hazmat shipments, and 4 hours for entry of hazmat shipments.  Please ensure that we are receiving billing in a timely manner, in order to get it updated to avoid driver delay.

This is temporary routing to utilize while the repairs are being done to the I-40 bridge.  UP routing is still available to use during this time.

Please feel free to contact your customer service team at CHICS@xpo.com for further questions, or issues.

We appreciate your business.

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