New Video, Gayatri Festival Costa Rica & Online Events
New Video, Gayatri Festival Costa Rica & Online Events
Namaste dear friend,
Welcome to our March newsletter.
March 21st is always a special day for Deva and I because it marks the anniversary of Osho's enlightenment.
He spoke about his transformation in this discourse.

We send this message with the intention of lightening your burdens, brightening your day and giving thanks for the magical moments we share together.

Even though Deva and I are basking - unexpectedly - in Costa Rica, we understand fully just how difficult these times are for many of you. We hope this message brings a little sunshine into your life. A ray of light from Mother Gayatri.


When we began our 77 days meditation last March our wish was simply to ease the heart and to share sacred space with you.
We'd already sensed that there was a community out there, waiting to congregate and we were right!
We are part of a sangha where collectively, we can transcend our human limitations.
When I look at you all on Zoom during our Chai Time gatherings my heart just sings. It feels as if my heart is saying, 'I found you!'  And even if I cannot hold you, or hug you, still I feel the connection.
Maybe it's a miracle.
Maybe it's simply a sign of the times where we are forced to find new ways to communicate. So even though we live in a reality which prevents us - and our children - from expressing our basic needs, as humans - the human touch - we can still reach out with our hearts, our eyes, our smiles and our words and feel the love flowing between us.


So let's give thanks to the internet, for all its deficiencies.
Because, who knows, one day the internet itself may go down.
And then we really would only have ourselves to sing for, to sing to - so let's cherish these moments of togetherness.
When I look back to our first gathering, I see we have opened more.
Collectively and individually, we are stronger now.
More resilient.
More humbled by life and more ready to face 'the unknown', travelling inward and upward with a song and a mantra in our hearts. Fearless. Because nothing and nobody can take the healing experience of the mantras away from us.


Down here in Blue Spirit we are blessed with a transient population of people who pass through, coming for groups and yoga classes.
Everyone has tested negative and by taking precautions we, so far, have avoided the Covid virus.


We have just spent time with an amazing human being - Lama Tsultrim. 
Lama was ordained as a Tibetan Buddhist nun when she was a young hippy girl 22 years of age, travelling and exploring life, in Nepal and India.
She was later 'recognised' as a Lama and after many years of intense practice she has come among us to share her wisdom.
Lama is in her 70's now and has led an extraordinary life.
Many of you were touched by her teachings during two of the Gayatri Sangha App gatherings when she led us into the visualization of the 20th Tara Mantra which is said to dispel epidemics.
You can watch it here.
It is a powerful transmission.


New Recordings

As you know, we are preparing a new album of songs and mantras recorded down here in the El Silencio Meditation Room in Blue Spirit.
We are calling the project 'The Jungle Sessions' for trhe obvious reason - we were bathing in the arms of mother nature while we recorded the tracks. Thunder crashes ... rain showers ... cicadas, birds and parrots, monkeys and ocean's all in the mix.
We even used some palm tree leaves and sticks as percussion instruments.
We look forward to sharing our jungle experience with you.


Meanwhile, we send our love and blessings to you.
Please don't ever feel lonely or isolated.
You are a precious part of a beautiful, loving spiritual community that has as its core values compassion, forgiveness and gratitude.
It all adds up to love.
We are in it together.


With love and blessings from us both,

Om Meditation Video

Chanting the ‘Cosmic Yes’ – the sacred seed mantra “OM”. The mantra is chanted 108 cycles at 432Hz, a frequency that is mathematically and spiritually aligned to the vibration of the universe.
OM enhances the dimension of inner peace and silence.
We have made an extended version of one hour available on YouTube.

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Watch Now

The Gayatri Festival  

~Blue Spirit~

blue spirit retreat
Gayatri Festival in Blue Spirit
June 5-12, 2021
Dec 25–Jan 1, 2022
Friends – the Gayatri Mantra is a prayer to the sun, and in this spirit, four years ago, we created the Gayatri Festival – a celebration of Light – shining within us and throughout our Gayatri Sangha.
Since lockdown we have been moving deeper into meditation,  connecting with the divine light of the Gayatri.
As a consequence, the Gayatri Festival has transformed into the Gayatri Meditation Camp.
Of course we will be sharing love, light and laughter together, as usual, and as a bonus, with more focus on meditation and our inward journey.

Days will include our ecstatic chant sessions, free time to luxuriate on the beautiful beaches, enjoy the waves, re-charge our energy cells, meet new friends and in these troubled times, re-connect to our life’s true purpose.

In the evenings we will gather again for further exploration into sound, silence, mantra and meditation. Sharing our stories, in this healing environment, we experience the precious rejuvenation of the spirit.

So – bring your laughter, bring your tears, your busy lives, your careers, and bring the pain you’ve carried for years. All Is Welcome Here!
Info & Registration

'OMline' Gatherings

Here are some of the live events that we have coming up in the Gayatri Sangha Online Community.

Since we launched our "OMline Ashram" the community has grown with so many unique and interesting fellow travellers. If you haven't joined us yet, check it out. We look forward to welcoming you.

Even though physically separate, the music, mantras, and meditation bring us into an intimate experience with so many across the world.

In addition to our weekly online OM/Gayatri meditation, there are many events scheduled. You can find the online events schedule here.

Every 3rd Saturday of the month, our weekly meditation is live on Facebook, Youtube, & Instagram for the Global Days of Unity (next one: April 17th).




Wednesday, March 24 - Community Sharing & Exercises with Makenna

Saturday, March 27 - Weekly Meditation with Deva and Miten

Sunday, March 28 - Chai Time with Miten 

Friday, April 2nd Ecstatic Dance with Manose

Saturday, April 3rd - Live Weekly Meditation with Deva and Miten

Saturday, April 10thLive Weekly Meditation with Deva and Miten

Tuesday, April 13th - Chai Time with Deva

Friday, April 16thJoy Center Activation with Manose

Saturday, April 17th - Global Days of Unity with Deva and Miten

Wednesday, April 21st - Community Sharing & Exercises with Makenna

Saturday, April 24th - Festival of Tibet Concert with Deva and Miten

Sunday, April 25th - Chai Time with Miten 

The app is free for those financially challenged. Feel free to fill out this form if you would like a gifted subscription. 

If you can afford it, the cost is $7.99 USD per month.

Online Events Schedule

What participants are saying about the Gayatri Sangha:

"A year ago, I felt lonely most of the time. Now I feel ‘all one’ most of the time. Thanks to you, the Sangha, and the mantras. The connection is there. Firmly, loyal, without a question. Around the world. All ages, all gender, all colours. A true gift!"

“I found out about this community yesterday and joined now. It seems like what I always have waited for, this whole thing dedicated just for our connection, community, mantras and celebration..!
I've been searching for the like-minded (like-hearted) people for many years, still hope to find more of You nearby. You have magic! All who realizes it.”

Gayatri Sangha App

A taste of Costa Rica
Pura Vida - Pure life

Beloved Shiva Rea was here for a few weeks and we so enjoyed some quality time together (especially enjoying our beach time, watching the half-moon setting in the ocean at 4.30am)❣️ Magic!

Sometimes our beach feels like we have gone back to prehistoric times. We love watching the pelicans and other sea birds feeding in the early morning.

Sunset Qi-Gong class on the beach at Blue Spirit

Deva with the beautiful Lama Tsultrim...


Manose's Offerings

Watch here...
Watch this new video from Manose!
In addition to the Gayatri Sangha Community offerings, Manose is also live on Facebook, Instagram (@Manose1111), and Insight Timer. 
Find Manose on Facebook

Community Offerings

"Sun Song" by Len & Vani Greene

Check out the music of our friends Len Greene and his wife Vani.
They compose and record their beautiful songs down here in Costa Rica.
We love their song "Sun Song"

Festival of Tibet


13th FESTIVAL of TIBET, 24th April – 4th May 2021
Proceeds go to the Tibetan Children’s Village, India.

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”
– HH the 14th Dalai Lama

Presented by Tenzin Choegyal with Perfect Potion

The 2021 Festival of Tibet will start with a special in-person concert ‘Prayers for Peace – Brisbane Sings for Tibet’ at Brisbane Powerhouse on the 24th of April and will be followed by a ten day online virtual program of events through stories, panel discussions, music, poetry, workshops and films. The focus will be on the impact of Climate Change in Tibet and the ongoing plight of Tibetans.

Join Deva Premal & Miten's contribution to the Festival of Tibet live online on FacebookYouTube April 24th at 1pm PST.

All funds raised will be donated to the Tibetan Children’s Village, India to support the education of Tibetan refugee children.

More Info
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