MUDEC Méinden Spring 2022 #4
MUDEC Méinden Spring 2022 #4
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Spring 2022 #4

March 28, 2022

Odds and Ends

by Corbett Haase, MUDEC newsletter intern
Corbett Haase
This week, the students are on their long anticipated study tours! We have one class in Berlin, another in Munich, one in Croatia, and the last in Slovenia.
While they’re off learning ‘in the field’, here are a few updates on what has been happening around the Château!
Students in classroom learning their first 'Knowledge Bite'

Knowledge Bites

Recently, the MUDEC administration offered a couple of “Knowledge Bite” sessions. These sessions are geared towards getting students in touch with themselves, and gives them resources they can use to improve their wellness. The first session was all about culture shock and how it might impact one's experience in Europe; the speaker gave several useful tips to help maintain our stability.
The second session hosted a psychologist, and she discussed mental health, stress and anxiety. She walked students through the difference between a stressor and the anxiety that is caused by it, and showed students ways to monitor their reaction to a specific thing or event, and how to then turn their anxiety on its head.

Parliament Visit

Thanks to TikTok, MUDEC student Emily Templeton was able to organize a visit to the Luxembourgish Parliament!
“I have been posting all of my travel stuff on TikTok, and Sven Clement [a member of Parliament] saw my TikTok about Vianden Castle. He reached out and said that I should visit the Parliament sometime”, said Templeton.
After a bit of organizing, Templeton was able to get a group of students together, and they went to Luxembourg City to meet Mr. Clement and receive a tour of Parliament. She said, "We walked behind the scenes of Parliament, and they showed us where they film footage to broadcast to the TV stations. After we toured the visitors' seating above the Parliament area, we went down to see where they debate and discuss legislation."
The students concluded their visit with a chat with Mr. Clement about his involvement and insights into the operation of Luxembourg's government.
students pose on the steps of the Luxembourg City parliament students talking with MP Sven Clement

Discovery Tours

Still a favorite activity among students, Discovery Tours make it possible for them to explore lesser known gems of Europe, completely free of charge. Many new friendships are also made on these trips, allowing students to find people to travel with on the weekends.
Recently, students were able to take a stunning hike on the Mullerthal trail in Berdorf, Luxembourg and visit Luxembourg’s National Mining Museum, as well as visit Luxembourg’s Schengen site. Other students found themselves in Dinant, Belgium, while others toured the Bastogne War Museum. Several students also saw Diekirch’s war museum, and a few others went to a medieval town in Germany called Bernkastel-Kues and toured Bitburg Brewery.
Students on the Mullerthal hike Students pose by hashtag sign schengen is Students on the Dinant discovery tour.
Left to right: Hiking on the Mullerthal trail; Schengen; Dinant, Belgium
Students at Bastogne war museum Inside Diekirch war museum Bernkastel
Left to right: Visiting Bastogne; interior of Diekirch Museum; buildings in Bernkastel 

Student Faculty Council (SFC)

The SFC is a group of students who plan fun activities for the rest of the MUDEC class. They organize game nights, movie nights, and several ways to get involved with the Luxembourg community. This semester they have screened European films, and even held a Charter Day event, complete with charcuterie boards, mask decorating, music, games and trivia.
In the future, SFC plans to show more European films and intends to host an Easter egg hunt for local Luxembourgish children. MUDEC students love SFC events: a fun and easy way to get involved with other students and in the Luxembourg community!

Film Festival

For the past few weeks, there has also been a film festival in Luxembourg. Every day they show a number of films from European directors, and students are able to go take in these beautiful films. On one of the nights, the Cinema Club was showing season 2 of Capitani, a Luxembourgish crime drama series. A few students were able to meet some of the cast members who attended the showing! MUDEC students have enjoyed being able to see these foreign films, as they give us more of a taste of European culture.
Below, at left, a screening of the film "Umami";  at right, students pose with the cast of "Capitani"
The film Umani onscreen students with the cast of Capitani

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