MUDEC Méinden Spring 2022 #6
MUDEC Méinden Spring 2022 #6
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Spring 2022 #6

April 25, 2022

Internship Experiences at the U.S. Embassy

by Corbett Haase, MUDEC newsletter intern
Corbett Haase
This semester, several students were granted the opportunity to intern at the U.S. Embassy in Luxembourg. They are all involved in the public affairs department, and have spent their semester learning about policy and the inner workings of international diplomacy.
Embassy interns with US Ambassador Tom Barrett
Left to right: Victory Oguntuyi, Cameron Tiefenthaler, Ambassador Thomas M. Barrett, Nick Bowman (Photo credit: U.S. Embassy Luxembourg)

Victory Oguntuyi

Victory Oguntuyi is a sophomore with a double major in Psychology and International Studies with a French minor. She is interested in law, psychology and languages and thus thought a diplomatic internship would be beneficial to her.
Victory began her internship by working on the social media side of the embassy, but as of right now she is connecting with other students, teaching assistants and writing memos for the Ambassador.
“Memos are detailed events; for example, the Ambassador came to MUDEC, so I would tell him what time he was arriving here, what time he had to leave his residency, details, biographies on administration here, Château history, logistics he might need to know.”
After her experience thus far, Victory definitely plans on pursuing a career with the State Department.

Cameron Tiefenthaler

Cameron Tiefenthaler is a second year Political Science and Business Analytics major. As she had a prior interest in policy making and diplomacy, the internship with the Embassy intrigued her.
Cameron essentially plans the community engagement portion of the Embassy for her internship. She helps manage social media, plans events, sets up school visits and helps the ambassador interact with the community. Cameron has been helping to brainstorm how to celebrate Luxembourgish holidays as well as compiling information for the ambassador to use in upcoming speeches.
“It’s been good to have an impact on my community. I’m helping the public affairs team reach out and connect with Americans living in Luxembourg; we are trying to build that bridge between Americans and Luxembourgers.”

Nick Bowman

Nick Bowman is a third year Political Science student who is also interning with the U.S. Embassy. Nick works in local government back home, and thought it would be interesting to gain experience in a more international-oriented environment.
Nick works with the social media coordinator, and spends his time analyzing their Twitter, Instagram or other social media. He then compiles the content they are posting and sorts it by the type of information included.
“I find people on Twitter or Facebook who might be relevant for them to be in contact with and locate their tags so the Embassy can get in touch with them… I also write descriptions on topics that the average audience might not understand, so I’m making their pages more accessible to everyday people consuming it.”

American Ambassador Visits MUDEC

students learning about diplomacy at the chateau ambassador Tom Barrett speaking to MUDEC students
Photo credit: Claire Mazzei (@claremazzeiphotography)
MUDEC also recently hosted Thomas M. Barrett, the American Ambassador to Luxembourg, and students got the opportunity to discuss his work and involvement in international diplomacy with him. The Ambassador takes a great deal of pride in his role as President Biden’s representative in Luxembourg, and he mentioned the historical connection Luxembourg and America have. Due to the United States’ involvement in World War II, there is a certain sense of gratitude from older Luxembourgers; he emphasized that there is more of a challenge for younger people to realize that connection, yet there is still an American story that Luxembourg can tell.
He discussed his rise from an average citizen to local politician, running for Congress and then being approved by the U.S. Senate for an ambassador position. From there, he made note of the different types of ambassadors, noting that political ambassadors are generally positioned in less dangerous countries, whereas the career ambassadors are sent to more tumultuous locations.
Ambassador Barrett also spoke of America's affinity for resilience and our tendency to hope for the best. He moved to a conversation about the current situation in Ukraine, and praised the steps taken by the U.S. State Department and the connection that America has with the European Union. He affirmed that President Biden was able to rapidly get information to the Europeans, leading to an impactful collaboration with European allies to understand the evolving situation in Ukraine.
He hopes that the newest generation, one that has been defined by pandemic and now a war in Europe, will be able to maintain the resilient and hopeful nature that has defined Americans for so long. He placed emphasis on the notion of a local view versus a worldwide view, and urged the MUDEC class to become the best world citizens they can be.

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