The origins of the expression "Carrying the Al-Anon Message"
The origins of the expression
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The Area Annual Alateen Recertification Is in Progress!

Have you recertified as an AMIAS? Have you verified your Alateen Group information? The Annual Alateen Recertification deadline for all Alateen groups and AMIAS is June 15!
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Carrying the Al‑Anon Message Beyond the Local Level

Did you know? The concept of establishing and maintaining a consistent Al‑Anon message at the national press level dates to 1952. The Clearing House (precursor to Al‑Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc.) asked the nearly 400 registered Al‑Anon groups at the time for the authority to handle national publicity. The groups granted this authority to ensure the unity and consistency of the Al‑Anon message.
Today, with authority granted by the World Service Conference, “The WSO [World Service Office] is responsible for production and distribution of all multi‑Area, national, and worldwide communications including those on the internet.” 2022‑2025 Al‑Anon/Alateen Service Manual (P‑24/27) v1, p. 122.
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Alateen Preamble, Revised at Last!

In September 2017, the Literature Committee received requests for revisions to the Alateen Preamble... Concerns were that the existing Preamble was not welcoming or reflective of many potential Alateen newcomers.
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New Alateen Preamble

Neither Blame nor Credit

“As the mother of an alcoholic adult daughter, I carried the guilt of 'if only….' If only I had raised her differently, spoken differently to her, given her more attention, more structure, or less structure, I could have changed the outcome, and she wouldn’t have become an alcoholic.…”
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Audiobooks, eBooks, and Other Digital Literature Available Now

Six Conference Approved Literature books are available in electronic format and can be purchased from various ebook vendors. Direct links to them can be found at Al‑Anon’s online store.
  • Opening Our Hearts, Transforming Our Losses (eB‑29)
  • Hope for Today (eB‑27)
  • Courage to Change: One Day at a Time in Al‑Anon II (eB‑16)
  • How Al‑Anon Works for Families & Friends of Alcoholics (eB‑22)
  • Having Had a Spiritual Awakening… (eB‑25)
  • Alateen – Hope for Children of Alcoholics (eB‑3)
Also available in ebook format:
  • The Forum, Al‑Anon’s recovery magazine
  • Welcome Newcomer! (eK‑10)
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Links of Service (S‑28): A Hidden Jewel

Do you ever wonder how the worldwide fellowship of Al‑Anon Family Groups is held together? Service at and beyond the group level is vital to our personal growth and recovery. It also takes many hands to ensure that the message of hope and help offered by Al‑Anon is always available. Links of Service (S‑28) explains where each position fits in relation to our service structure as a whole and is available as a free download. In what way might you serve?
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The Forum Needs Your Sharings about Our Three Legacies!

Please consider writing about one of the Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions, or Twelve Concepts of Service, as your World Service Office receives very few sharings about them. Submissions should range from about 200 to 400 words. Send your articles to The Forum, 1600 Corporate Landing Parkway, Virginia Beach, VA 23454‑5617; to; or submit online.
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May 2022 Appeal Letter

In February, May, August, and November, the Quarterly Appeal gives each member an opportunity to participate in Twelfth‑Step work beyond the group level.
May 2022 Appeal Letter 

New Topic for the Member Blog

May’s topic is, “How has the Al‑Anon program helped you deal with change?”
As always, you can also write about Al‑Anon’s three Legacies. This month features Step Five, Tradition Five, and Concept Five.
Sharings on the Member Blog may be used in future Al‑Anon publications.
New topics are being added each month!
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